IREDA Q3 Results 2024 Fiscal Period: Earnings, Net Profits, Sales Reports

IREDA has recently launched its IPO. The company will start publishing its quarterly results from now-on-wards. We will discuss IREDA Q3 Results 2024 in the article below. IREDA stands for Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency. They specialize in financing Renewable energy projects for the country. IREDA has successfully helped several companies to grow. The company had an increase in the profits for the previous year. Let us explore IREDA last year’s performance and upcoming quarter results below.

IREDA Q3 Results 2024

IREDA Q3 Results 2024 Earnings, Net Profits, Sales Reports and Know its YoY Growth

IREDA Q3 results 2024 are expected to be released by January 2024 end. However, the company has recently listed on the market. They released their IPO on 21 November 2023. It closed on 23 November 2023. IREDA was listed on the market on 29 November 2023. The last year’s reports were positive. The Q2 performance for the company saw an increase in its profits before tax. The company had PBT (Profit Before Tax) of Rs. 379.90 Crores. At the same time, it has PAT (Profit After Tax) of ₹284.73 Crores. It had increased by 54% on a YoY basis. The operational income for the quarter is said to be ₹1176.96 Crores. It was ₹791.56 Crores for the previous quarter. IREDA has been profitable for the last quarter and year. The investors are awaiting the quarter results for further analyzing the quarter.

There is also an increase in the loans by the company. It has increased by 41% to ₹47,514.48 crores from ₹33,783.36 crores. The net worth rose to ₹6,580 Crores from ₹5,638 crores. IREDA is working on further expansion of their services to the new available ideas for renewable energy growth. The overall NPA has witnessed a fall. It declines from 2.72% to 1.65% in the Q2 2024.

IREDA started in 1987 to finance renewable energy setups in India. The company falls under non-banking and financing institutions. IREDA Q3 results 2024 also made a profit for the year of ₹865 crores with a fall in bad loans to 1.66%. The current share price of IREDA is ₹103.20. It started from around ₹60. It has increased to ₹103.25 with an overall growth of 72.08%. It showed a growth of 0.63% in the past five days. We hope you get enough details about IREDA FY 2024 Q3 updates.

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