Kountry Wayne Net Worth, Biography, Wife, Kids Know his Wealth in 2024

Comedian Kountry Wayne’s net worth increased rapidly over time due to his increasing demand on Netflix and YouTube. The man is known for his stand-up comedy. In a world of increasing negativities, Kountry Wayne shines as a bright star of laughter and happiness. He is known for his presence of mind and activeness. We will share more information about Comedian Kountry Wayne’s net worth, wife, kids, and Wiki bio. Let us dive deep into the life of the man who brings joy to the face of his audience.

Kountry Wayne

Comedian Kountry Wayne Biography, Age, Wealth

Comedian Kountry was born on 9 December 1987 in Millen, Georgia, United States. He is one of the most appreciated stand-up comedians. Kountry was passionate about exploring new fields in life since his childhood. He has been active in television and films since 2014. However, the world of comedy showed him his actual capabilities.

Stage Name: Kountry Wayne
Real Name: Dewayne Colley
Gender: Male
Age: 36 years old
Birth: 9 December 1987
Birthplace: Millen, Georgia, United States
Profession: StandUp Comedian
Known As: Kountry Wayne, Comedy star
Spouse: ex-wife, Gena Colley
Children: 10
Nationality: American

Kountry Wayne Net Worth, Luxury Cars

Comedian Kountry Wayne has a net worth of $8 million as of 2023. However, some sources mention that his net worth touch $10 million in 2024. He has developed different earning streams throughout his life. It starts from his different super-hit comedy shows, Netflix contracts, and YouTube videos. Wayne lives a lavish lifestyle. He owns a Fuchsia Rolls-Royce in Black Badge Cullinan. He loves football and supports the Dallas Cowboys.

Kountry Wayne Wife & Children

Kountry Wayne married Gena Colley. The couple gave birth to two children. However, Kountry is a father of ten children. They are Tony, Tamar, Aliyah, Christiana, Zaria, Keyomi, Honest, Melissa, Taylor, and Malia. Honest and Melissa are born to Gena and Kountry. He has other eight kids with four other women. However, their identity is not known much. Kountry mentions that the children live closely with each other and their mother.

Kountry Wayne is known for his financial success. However, his romantic side and relationships are equally prominent on social media. He opens up very less about his kids and relationships. Kountry revealed recently about his ten children. Wayne reveals Malia’s name with a little suspense. He was a little hesitant to talk about her initially. Later, he reveals her name as his daughter. We hope you get enough details about Kountry Wayne’s wiki-bio, wife, net worth, and children.

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