Kuku FM CEO Lal Chand Bisu Net Worth, Biography, Age, Education, Career

Kuku FM is an Indian audio podcast application that allows users to listen to millions of audiobooks in one app. Lal Chand Bisu is the co-founder and CEO of Kuku FM. Many people want to know about his life and related information. He is a successful entrepreneur in India. There are millions of people worldwide who use this application to enjoy podcasts during their working hours. Now, here is Lal Chand Bisu Net Worth. Hopefully, you will know everything that you want to read about Kuku FM CEO.

KUKU FM CEO Lal Chand Bisu Biography

Lal Chand Bisu Biography, Career, Education

Lal Chand Bisu is the CEO of the KUKU FM audio podcast app. He is around 28 years old and belongs to Rajasthan, India. Lal Chand Bisu is an IITian and extremely talented with a lot of experience. Initially, he started EasyPrep as CEO and co-founder of the startup. Later he joined Toppr as Lead Engineer. In the year 2018, he started Kuku FM with his two other co-founders.

Lal Chand Bisu has studied his schooling at Prince Senior Secondary School, Sikar. Later, he completed his bachelor’s degree in (B.Tech), Electrical from the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur. It is the only detail available regarding her educational qualification. Lal Chand Bisu started his career with EasyPrep as co-founder & CEO. But he left the startup in 2015. After this, he joined Toppr as lead engineer till the year 2018. Later, in the year 2018, he started the well-known growing platform Kuku FM as CEO & co-founder. Currently, he is living in Mumbai, India.

Lal Chand Bisu Net Worth, Wealth

Numerous people want to know Lal Chand Bisu Net Worth. As per the available details, his net worth is  $10 million (approx). The exact figure is yet to be known officially. The valuation of the company is getting higher. So, there is a considerable possibility that his net worth will increase in the upcoming years.

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