Lalit Keshre Net Worth, Biography, Groww Founder Early Life, Success Story

Groww is a well-known platform for investment, trading, and mutual funds. Lalit Keshre is the founder of Groww. He is from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, and is said to be growing every day in all aspects of his life. Here is Lalit Keshre net worth, biography, and success story. The app is currently said to be India’s no.1 app with the largest number of customers. This article will share details about the net worth, success journey, and life of Lalit. So if you want to know more, keep reading with us.

Lalit Keshre Net Worth, Biography, Groww Founder Early Life, Success Story

Who Is Lalit Keshre? Biography, Early Life

Lalit Keshre was born and brought up in Lepa, Madhya Pradesh. He likes spending time with his family a lot. His father was a farmer while there are no details about his mother yet. Lalit was studying in the English medium school located in Khargne, MP. The school was the only English medium school in his locality and he was privileged to be a part of it. He was good in his studies and used to score high in academics. After completing 12th, he started preparing for his JEE Exam. He got admission to IIT Bombay. He shifted to the city while his parents still live in MP. His journey of success started from there.

Lalit Keshre Success Story, Career

Lalit cleared his IIT and got placed in Ittiam Systems as a product and engineering manager. The company was located in Bangalore. He worked there for 6.8 years and worked on his own strategy after that. This was named as Eduflix. He stayed in Bangalore and gave 2.4 years to the startup. Due to some reasons, he quit his company and joined Flipkart. He worked for 2.10 years in the company and founded Groww. The company has been running successfully for the last 7.6 years. The company has the most number of active users.

Net Worth of Lalit Kehsre:

Lalit Keshre is said to be having a net worth of Rs. 250 Crores. This is an estimated figure close to his actual net worth. Lalit has been an inspiration for many new entrepreneurs. Before Groww, Zerodha was already an established company. It was difficult to imagine another one above it, but he believed in his vision. He believes that the time he spent at IIT gave him a lot of new experiences and exposure. His main goal was to make investing simple and transparent for the users which is why, people prefer Groww over any other app. Stay tuned for more information.

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