Lemon Tree Hotels Will Open 200 New Property ‘Keys Lite’ In Coimbatore

Lemon Tree Hotels will open its new property in Coimbatore. The company is expecting to expand further in the upcoming years. Below, we will share details about the Lemon Tree Hotels’ new ‘Keys Lite’. The company has a good name in Tamil Nadu and is a trusted brand among its consumers. The property will be the sixth property of Lemon Tree in Tamil Nadu. Lemon Tree Hotels will soon open a new property in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The hotel provides the best experience to the customers. Everyone is curious to know more about the features and facilities at this new hotel. There are more than 100 hotels for the company. Lemon Tree Hotels started in 2002. Patu Keswani is the founder of this brand. Building beautiful interiors, the hotel also carries some history and culture with it.

Lemon Tree Hotels Will Open 200 New Property 'Keys Lite' In Coimbatore

Keys Lite will have around 40 rooms for the people. The staff and the owner are excited about this new opening in FY 26. Coimbatore is a favorite tourist destination of the people in South India. It provides a lot of scenic beauty along with the history and culture of India. The company is running successfully. Thus, there is a lot of increase in its demand by the consumers. LemonTree decides to expand further starting from Tamil Nadu. It will be interesting to see which new locations. We will get to Lemon Tree Hotels. Thus, do visit the hotel if you travel to the city.

The company has headquarters in 6, Aerocity Hospitality District, New Delhi. While it has 100 hotels in total by 2024 in the country. Its number is increasing every day. Lemon Hotel tries to provide the best experience to its customers. It has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. Thus, it is a good rating and more people are eager to take the experience with Lemon Tree Hotels. Their new property will open in 2025 end. They are planning everything well for the business. We hope you get enough details about Lemon Tree Hotels Limited’s new property above. The inauguration is yet far from today. The property is yet to get its final touch and is under preparation. We will update you shortly about Lemon Tree Hotels Keys Lite. It will have all the management by Carnation Hotels, which is the subsidiary of Lemon Tree Hotels.

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