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Cafe Coffee Day’s successful CEO Malavika Hegde has created a history in entrepreneurship. Now people looking for Malavika Hegde Net Worth which is available here and you can read the details below. She is the wife of Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) founder VG Siddhartha. After the death of VG Siddhartha, his wife Malavika Hegde joined the firm as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in July 2019. Now she has reduced the debt of the company by over 75 percent and is popular around the world. She created a history in the Cafe Coffee Day journey. Over a period of time, Malavika Hegde reduced the Cafe Coffee Day debt. Now she successfully did what she wanted and brought the company to a growth path again. Let’s start with the biography of the successful businesswoman Malavika Hegde also check the latest business news on our website.

Malavika Hegde Net Worth

Malavika Hegde Biography CCD CEO

Talking about early life, we want to tell you that initially she was known as the wife of Cafe Coffee Day founder VG Siddhartha. But later when Siddhartha committed suicide she had to join CCD as CEO. Malavika Hegde was born in 1969 and now she is around 54 years old. The couple tied the knot in 1991. After joining the company she started working to reduce the debt of the firm which was not easy for her. But the support of her family and her love for her husband V G Siddhartha helped her to achieve the goal.

Name: Malavika Hegde
Age: 54 Years (Born in 1969)
Born: 1969
Profession: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Cafe Coffee Day
Spouse: V G Siddhartha Former CEO of Cafe Coffee Day
Father: Somanahalli Mallaiah Krishna
Education: Bachelor’s Degree from Bangalore University
Nationality: Indian
Net Worth: Available Below

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Malavika Hegde Net Worth

Discussing the Malavika Hedge Net worth then we want to tell you the detail here. If you want to know the net worth of CCD CEO. As per the details, the exact figure of net worth is yet to be available. But on the basis of our knowledge, it may be around $10 million. Possibly it may be less than this available figure because she put her hard work and soul into reducing the debt of the company. Possibly we will add the exact figure in some upcoming days. So the moment, you can read the available info in this report.

Malavika Hegde LinkedIn

The Malavika Hegde CCD CEO Linkedin is yet to be made. So far there is no such account has been made on Linkedin. If we get any update regarding her profile then we will absolutely add the link here. Through the link, you will be directly able to visit the profile. However, we are also waiting to know the successful businesswoman of India.

Malavika Hegde Education

Malavika Hegde graduated from Bangalore University. The brief details about her education are yet to be available. We are working on it and when the detail comes to our knowledge you will get the brief information from this biography.

Malavika Hegde Career

Moving towards the career, we want to bring some important details here. On the basis of the information, she completed her graduation from Bangalore University. Later after the death of her husband, she had to join Cafe Coffee Day and complete the dream of her husband VG Siddhartha. With a lot of hard work, she reduced the debt which was maybe the reason behind the suicide of VG Siddhartha.

How much Debt remains on Cafe Coffee Day?

As per the 2023 reports, she rescued CCD from a debt of Rs 7000 cr and now the company has a debt of Rs 465 cr only. In the year 2020, it has been decreased to Rs 3100 cr. As per the 2022 annual report of the company, the debt has been decreased to Rs 1,731 cr. The annual report of 2022 where the debt of Cafe Coffee Day was Rs 1,731 cr the long-term borrowings of Rs 1,263 crores and short-term borrowings of Rs 516 crores.

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