Who is Manoj Mittal? Kanjhawala Case Accused BJP Leader Know Age Pics Everything!

Manoj Mittal Kanjhawala Case: As you know there is shocking news appeared of a Delhi Kanjhawala murder case. There are four accused have been arrested by the Delhi Police. But there is a man whose name is Manoj Mittal getting viral on social media. There are some pictures of the accused Manoj Mittal getting viral with news that he belongs to a political background. Currently, the case is being investigated by Special Commissioner of Police Shalini Singh. In this report, we will know some very important facts related to this news. So, let’s move to the complete information that you should read.

Manoj Mittal Kanjhawala Case

Manoj Mittal Kanjhawala Case Delhi BJP Leader Details

In the last few hours, there is a video getting so much viral on the internet of January 1, 2023, Delhi Kanjhawala murder case. It was really shocking for all of us. A 20-year-old girl was brutally killed by five men. But one of the accused whose name is Manoj Mittal is getting viral because of his political background. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal also came on television and told the Delhi people that the accused will be hanged soon. There are a lot of people who started protesting in the support of this case. Along with the state government, Home Minister Amit Shah also come and demanded updates on this case.

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A picture of Manoj Mittal BJP Leader is shared on social media he appears as a politically active person in the viral roadside banner. He is around 27 years old. Manoj also belongs to Delhi and lives in Delhi. Police started the investigation of identification and shared the report with officials as well. Now he is under police custody with the other two accused. There is CCTV footage in which you can see how brutally these accused killed the 20 years old innocent girl. There are many more updates that will be added here shortly and you will get them here immediately.

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