Mark Drakeford Resign from Wales Minister Designation Know His Net Worth

United Kindom’s well-known politician First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford resigned from his designation on December 14th, 2023. It was shocking news for everyone when he announced his resignation. Mark was elected as the first minister of Wales exactly five years ago. He previously served in the Welsh government and attained huge popularity because of his marvelous work. Here we will discuss why Mark Drakeford will step down from his position and what happened to him that forced Mark to take this big decision.

Mark Drakeford

Wales Minister Mark Drakeford Resigns Reason Know His Political Career and Life

Mark Drakeford is 69 years old. He was born on 19 September 1954, in Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom. As per the details, February 2024 will be the last month of his service as the first minister of Wales. Mark Drakeford going to step down in March 2024 from the position and a new minister will join. Everyone is assuming that the 20mph speed limit controversy is the reason behind his sudden resignation. But Mark Drakeford cleared that he is not resigning because of the 20mph speed limit issue. Undoubtedly, he plays a big role in Welsh public life and it is the primary reason that everyone wants to know the reason behind his sudden resignation.

His work and political career will be remembered by the people. Mark is one of the most popular politicians in the world. He completed his education at Cardiff University. After starting a successful career, Mark married Clare Buckle in the year 1977. But his wife Clare Buckle died in the year 2023.

Till now there are numerous politicians in the United Kingdom tweeted on Twitter formerly known as ‘X’. They wrote different things about him and the tweets clearly show that Mark contributed huge value to the life of the Welsh Public.

Mark Drakeford Net Worth 2023, Wealth

Mark Drakeford is one of the richest politicians in the United Kingdom. He is prominently known as the first minister of Wales. Mark Drakeford’s net worth is estimated at around $6 million. Along with it, he has some luxury cars in his collection and a beautiful house as well. Mark was getting £67,920 as salary last year. Most probably the salary was hiked this year.

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