Matic Launchpad Details Private Sale Know Contract Address And Expected Price

Matic Launchpad is continuously in the trend and cryptocurrency investors traders want to know about it. The recently started private sale has been ended. It may be the next level project in the upcoming days and after seeing the roadmap you will agree with us. Here we will discuss this launchpad and what are the possibilities of its growth in the upcoming days. So let’s begin to know all the details that you should know about this project.

Matic Launchpad Token Details

What is Matic Launchpad?

Firstly we have to discuss the meaning of this crypto launchpad and what is its primary purpose of it. On the basis of details, Matic Launchpad (MATICPAD) supports all major blockchain networks such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Avax, Solana and Kucoin Network. So, if there is any crypto project which wants to be listed on the marketplace. Matic Launchpad eases the process for them. Definitely the project may get good growth in the upcoming days.

Matic Launchpad Details

Recently the private sale has been taken place. On the basis of details, the detail of that private sale is here.

Tokens for Sale: 466,666,666 MATICPAD
Tokens Sold: N/A
ICO Price: $0.001500
Where to buy: Matic Launchpad
Soft Cap: $350,000
% of Total Supply: 5%
Fundraising Goal: $400,000
Accept: BNB
Personal Cap: 25 BNB
Access: Public

How to Participate in Matic Launchpad

Private Sale for token will be help on our very own Matic Launchpad Website. Steps 1 : Step 2 : Join Pool when the sale starts Step 3 : Enter your desired BNB contribution Amount Step 4: Confirm Transaction Step 5: Your allocation will instantly be shown on the My Allocations Tab.

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