Mauris Noronha Biography, Political Career, Religion, BJP MLA, and Family

Mauris Noronha also known as Mauris Oliver Noronha was in the headlines for shooting Abhishek Ghosalkar and committing suicide. Everyone was shocked after the incident which streamed live on Facebook. However, there has been a curiosity among people to know more about the reason behind his shooting. Mauris Noronha was also known for his good deeds, charity work, and providing aid to needy people. We will share details about Mauris Noronha biography, political career, family, and religion below.

Mauris Noronha

Who Was Mauris Noronha? Killer of Abhishek Ghosalkar

Mauris Noronha was born on 22 December 1975 in Mumbai Maharashtra. He was 48 years old at the time of his death. Mauris spent his childhood in the streets and nightlife of Mumbai. He completed his schooling at Our Lady of Dolours High School. His interests were inclined towards business and politics, which led him to do an MBA from Mumbai University. Mauris had a good height and weight. He was 5 feet 8 inches tall and 70 kg. Joseph Noronha and Fanny Noronha brought him into this world.

Mauris Noronha’s family was a nuclear one. He lived with his wife and a daughter. He married to Sareena Noronha. The couple gave birth to Sariah Noronha. Sareena was good at hair care and body care. She decided to share her knowledge and utilize it positively. Sariah opened a restaurant known as Faith Salon, Borivali. The family often spent time together. However, the suicide attempt of Mauris has shattered his family. His daughter and wife are mourning his loss. It is a tough moment for the family.

Mauris Noronha was a christian. His final rituals will be performed as per the Christian traditions. He believed in Jesus and contributed to a lot of charitable work. The Covid pandemic was a tough time for all. However, he came forward to help lakhs of people get the necessary food items. Mauris Noronha’s religious faith never died. The women having no work got sewing machines to run their household by doing stiching.

Mauris Noronha’s political career started later in his life. He was a bartender at Diney Crusielners in the USA. He came back to India after doing several other works. Politics caught his attention. He will always be in the hearts of his loved ones. His loved ones will miss him a lot. He loved his family and always supported them with his good work. We hope you get enough details about Mauris Noronha’s Wiki bio, political career, and family above.

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