MAVIA Token Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027 Know its Market Cap & Targets

Heroes of Mavia was listed in the market on 6 February 2024. It is a gaming-based crypto project. The new listings bring a lot of curiosity among people. Everyone is eager to know about the potential of the Heroes of Mavia token in the upcoming years. Whether it will be profitable or not. In these two days of the listing the, token had some difficulties in the beginning. However, it is moving up now. Below, we will share details about Heroes Of Mavia token price prediction, purpose, and other speculations.


What Is Heroes Of Mavia? The primary motive of this Cryptocurrency

Heroes of Mavia coin was listed in the market at around $2.4. It made a growth of 21% straight. Heroes of Mavia is a mobile game. Skrice Studio is the developer of the game. The gaming-based coin’s name is Heroes of Mavia based on its concept. The heroes are the people who are fighting with their enemy bases and armies. Everyone forms a base on land and joins an army to fight against the opponent. While Mavia is then on the island. The crypto-based game received 1 million downloads leading to the token release on Binance.

Heroes Of Mavia Market Cap And Analysis

Heroes Of MAVIA Token was listed on the market on 6 February 2024. The coin is all set to provide free airdrop as well. It will be available after downloading the Heroes of the Mavia game from the Play Store. The company has a market cap of 101.87 Million. There is a total and maximum supply of supply of 250 Million Mavia while the fully diluted market cap is $867 million.

The graph shows the predictions that the price of the Heroes of Mavia started from $2.4 and went down a sudden steep. It was low to $1.8 for some time. However, it caught the rally and started going up from 6:40 pm. It was said to be around $ 3.8 as the maximum high till now. Everyone is curious to know more about the predictions for the upcoming period. Let us explore more about the Heroes of Mavia token below.

Heroes Of Mavia Token Price Prediction 2024

Heroes of MAVIA Token expects to be around $5 by the end of 2024. The cryptocurrency witnessed an increase in the prices of the shares. Everyone is curious to invest in the shares. The Heroes of Mavia expects the price prediction for 2024 to be $5. However, it can be more or less than it, is at the end of the year.

Heroes Of Mavia Token Price Prediction 2025

Heroes Of Mavia Price Prediction 2025 says that the price can reach up to $7 at the end of 2025. The coin has launched recently in the market. However, the game has existed in the market for some time. The popularity of the game makes it interesting for other people to know more about the token.

Heroes Of Mavia Token Price Prediction 2026

Heroes Of MAVIA Token expects its price to reach up to $8.5 by the end of 2026. The coin is inspired by the gaming crypto world. Therefore, the graph is going upwards.

Heroes Of Mavia Token Prediction 2027

Heroes Of Mavia Prediction 2027 expects to reach $10 by the end of the year. Several other new tokens are coming into the crypto world every day. However, Heroes of Mavia is a special one. The Binance has also funded the Heroes of Mavia Prediction leading to more popularity of the token.

Can Mavia Token Hit $20?

Heroes of Mavia is a new coin in the market listed on 6 February 2024. It has grown 21% since its launch. The two days showed massive growth. It has a high chance of spreading awareness about game-based crypto in the market. Thus, more people know it every day.

Heroes Of Mavia is a great game of all time. It is a type of clash of clans game on the blockchain. The developers are focusing on expanding more into the gaming world for Web 3.0. Heroes of Mavia also has another token known as Rubi. It is an in-built currency of the game. People can also participate in Airdrop. They will get an advantage as well. There have been several rumors going about the free airdrop as well. However, it will not be free. The participants have to complete some activity. They will get the airdrop after completing those activities. There are 40,000 dollars of airdrop.

The subscription period went on from 2 February 2024 to 6 February. There is no free airdrop as you need to hold some dollars to get the airdrop. You can buy or sell the crypto token from Bybit, Bitrue, BitMart, HTX, and These all exchanges are available for the people. We hope you get enough details about Heroes of Mavia’s price prediction listed above. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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