Who Is Michael Patryn Wonderland? Net Worth Wikipedia Wife & Quadriga Scheme

Michael Patryn is popularly known as the treasurer of Wonderland and a co-founder of Quadriga whose life history is shown in the new Netflix documentary. Go through the article to know more about the businessman. Michael Patryn has frequently comeback on the internet through the new Netflix criminal documentary, “Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King”. The film focuses on Michael and Gerald W. Cotten, the originator of the Canadian cryptocurrency exchange Quadriga CX, who died in 2018.

Michael Patryn Wonderland Wikipedia Net Worth

Who Is Michael Patryn?

Michael Patryn is the foregoing treasury manager for Wonderland’s decentralized finance (DeFi) project. Patryn does not have a Wikipedia Web page of his own but there are several websites that provide details on him.

He was asked to resign from his post at Wonderland, which bills itself as the “first decentralized cross-chain reserve money system on the TIME token.” It all began in January 2022 when a famous on-chain analyst zachxbt disclose on Twitter that OxSifu, the pseudonymous treasury manager for DeFi project is Michael.

Michael Patryn Wikipedia

He was initially the co-founder of a notorious Canadian crypto exchange that cheated investors out of up to $190 million. In addition to this, it was let out that Patryn is actually Omar Dhanani, a former money Launderer with an association to an identity theft ring called Shadowcrew.

Shadowcrew was utilized by individuals to sell stolen credit card information and bank card details. Omar supplied electric money laundering services under several identities and get a 10% commission. One day, he was even penalised to federal prison for identity theft in 2004. His mugshots assisted police in identifying that Patryn and Dhanani are the same individuals.

Michael Patryn Net Worth 2022

Michael Patryn has the most shocking history of engaging in the Quadriga Scheme. The net worth of the businessman is evaluated to be 35 crores as of now, however, it is merely placed on our presumption and may not be an exact amount.

According to cinematic, Michael and Gerry Cotten discovered Quadriga in 2013, where Michael was a co-founder who financed the project. However, his partnership with Quadriga was crushed.

According to the study, into the website’s commencing domain name, the site was entered to Patryn rather than Cotten. Cotten passed away in December 2018 after coming back from a tour to India. According to research, he has a balance of $190 million in bitcoin owing to 115,000 clients unaccounted for. The spots of the funds are secret till now. Quadriga officials asked that only Cotten had approached the unknown keys having millions of dollars in customer accounts.

Michael Patryn Wife & Family Wiki

Michael Patryn has not revealed anything about his better half but there are many studies that show Lovie Horner as his wife. Likewise, the family details about the businessman are secret till now. According to Amycastor, Horner has a context in fashion design but is engaged in many crypto networks with Patryn.

Horner linked QuadrigaCX in 2015 as VP of business development. However, when Patryn left the company in 2016, she departed her post along with him.
According to a study, she possesses 11% of the QuadrigaCX.

Is Michael Patryn In Jail?

No, Michael Patryn is not in prison as of now. Patryn was formally locked up for 18 months for deceit in 2004. But nothing currently shows that he was imposed with anything about Quadriga. Because of Cotten’s death, no formal criminal inquiry was escorted. In addition to this, since the declaration of his name as a treasure of Wonderland, he is not available on any social media. Besides, Michael has kept away from social media and seem to have tightly reluctant his movements.

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