Don Hejny Nerdwax Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Funding, Success Story After Shark Tank

Nerdwax is a product made to stick your glasses at a place on your nose. If you struggle with slipping of glasses on your nose, the product is the best fit. Don Hejny is the founder of Nerdwax. He has built the wax using the bee’s natural wax. Don got the idea from the surfers using wax to have a grip on the board. He has been successfully running the company since 2014. Let us discuss Nerdwax’s founder wiki, net worth, and success story.

Nerdwax Net Worth

Don Hejny Nerdwax Wikipedia, Funding

Don Hejny was born and brought up in the Nashville Metropolitan Area. There have not been many details about the founder yet. He completed his schooling at a local school in Nashville. According to sources, he graduated with a degree in touring audio engineering. He worked for a long time on different projects in the field. Don used to go to different places and concerts as an audio engineer. He also got the Nerdwax idea in a concert where the artist’s sunglasses were slipping continuously. Let us have a look at the wiki bio of Nerdwax founder, Don Hejney.

Don Hejny Biography:

Name: Don Hejny
Profession: Entrepreneur
Known As: Nerdwax founder
Gender: Male
Age: 42 years approx
Alma Mater: not known
Education: Graduation in sound engineering
Marital Status: Married
Children: Two
Residence: Nashville, Tennessee, United States Of America
Nationality: American

Don Hejny Nerdwax Net Worth

Don Hejny has a net worth of approx $2.5 million. Nerdwax contributes to the majority of his income. He has several other investments as well. Don’s product is available in countries like the US, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, and Singapore. Don Hejny gets paid approx $500k salary as CEO.

Nerdwax Success Story

Don Hejny started his journey from the city of Nashville. He was working there as an audio engineer. Hejny faced the problem of slipping glasses from his nose. He wanted to get rid of it. Later, he sees the artist performing on the stage going through the same issue. She was taking off her hand from the guitar to set the glasses. Don got the idea to use wax on the glasses similar to those used by surfers on surfboards. He experimented with different products. His wife does not believe him at first on his idea. Don ordered a lot of wax boxes and tried creating his product. Don got the benefits of self-use. The people around also encouraged the use of the product on their spectacles. He created a million-dollar business shortly.

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