Nothing Phone ChatGPT Virtual Assistant Setup Step-by-Step Guide

Nothing smartphone users will now be able to use the Nothing Phone ChatGPT virtual assistant on their smartphone by adding it as a widget. Nothing’s CEO Carl Pei shares about the feature through the X app. The smartphone launched recently in the market. However, its users are increasing daily. Several influencers are promoting the smartphone as well. We will share details about Nothing smartphone’s new features and new smartphone launch below. The company is going to enter the budget market to reach people who prefer the smartphone at an affordable price.

Nothing Phone ChatGPT Virtual Assistant Setup Step-by-Step Guide

Nothing users can use the Nothing Phone ChatGPT assistant on their smartphones. They have to follow some steps to enable the option. Following are the steps to use the ChatGPT as a virtual assistant on Noting OS. To add the ChatGPT virtual assistant, you must have the ChatGPT app on your smartphone. You can download it from the Google Play Store. The second step will be to add your account to the app. If you don’t have an account, you can create a new account through any of your Gmail IDs.

  1. Download the official ChatGPT app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and login to your account. Make sure you use the voice chat feature at least once.
  3. Add the ChatGPT app as a widget using the quick settings panel.
  4. Tap the ChatGPT shortcut on the home screen to use it as your virtual assistant.

Nothing CEO Carl mentions on X that users must add ChatGPT as the widget from the quick setting panel. Else, it will not work. The voice chat feature will be available after following these steps.

Apart from that, Nothing is going to launch its new smartphone in the mid-range. It will make the company enter into a new segment. The market has more customers who prefer to buy mid-range smartphones.

Nothing 2a will be launched in the mid-range for the customers. The launch date is 27 February 2024 in India at the Mobile World Congress MWC. The smartphone is expected to be launched with 8GB RAM and 128 GB storage.

Nothing will have a major event in the upcoming days. The company launched recently in July 2022. It created its place in the hearts of its consumers. There has been a curiosity among people to know more about the features of the smartphone. Nothing 2a will have a compatible camera. There will be interesting features making it unique from others. Many people using Nothing gave positive reviews about the smartphone. The company is expanding widely all over the internet and marketplaces. Their marketing strategy led everyone to know about their smartphone. We will update you more about this upcoming smartphone shortly. We hope you get enough details about Nothing 2a and the ChatGPT feature.

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