Oliver Mulherin Biography, Age, Net Worth of Sam Altman Boyfriend Know His Gender

Oliver Mulherin is the partner of Sam Altman. They have been in a relationship for the last few years. There are numerous pictures of their bonding on their social media which shows the love between them. Now people around social media are curious to know Sam Altman Boyfriend Oliver Mulherin biography, age, gender, and net worth. He has been with him in all his major businesses. Oliver has been the president of Y Combinator and has also worked as Reddit CEO. Oliver is also a software engineer. Sam Altman was fired from his position of CEO in the company recently.

Oliver Mulherin Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career of Sam Altman Boyfriend Know His Gender

Who Is Oliver Mulherin? Sam Altman Boyfriend Biography, Age, Career

Oliver Mulherin was born and brought up in Australia. His childhood was spent studying and exploring new things around the world. Oliver completed his studies at a local school. He was good at academics. He worked as a president of Y Combinator. Oliver was inclined towards software and played a great role in the development of Chat GPT. He is a Melbourne University graduate.

Oliver Mulherin Wiki:

Name: Oliver Mulherin
Age: 33 years approx
Birth Date: not known yet
Year: 1990 estimated
University: University of Melbourne
Education: bachelor’s in Software engineering
Profession: Entrepreneur
Known for: president of Y Combinator
Language: English
Partner: Sam Altman

Oliver Mulherin Net Worth, Income

Oliver Mulherin has a net worth of approximately $ 5 million. He earns mainly from his businesses. Oliver also earns from sources like investments and ventures. Oliver is invested in real estate as well contributing to his net worth. He earns around $ 2 million from different sources.

Oliver Mulherin’s Success Story

Oliver started his professional life after completing college. He was into software engineering. During the lockdown, Oliver and Sam realised the need for AI. They decided to create a product that can perform different activities. He became president of Y Combinator. Sam and Oliver live together and discuss the new projects as well. They both were spotted together at the White House dinner hosted by Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister.

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Oliver Mulherin Sam Altman Relationship

Oliver and Sam Altman are most likely to continue as a family together. They both are romantically interested in each other and want to live together as a couple. Sam and Oliver often spend time together at their house in Russian Hill. They move to their house on a private ranch in California. Altman was also in another relationship with Nick Sivo before Oliver. Stay tuned for more information.

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