PC Musthafa Net Worth, Biography, Age, Early Life And Success Story Know How He Built Rs 100 Crore Company

PC Musthafa is an entrepreneur who has built around Rs 100 crore company iD Fresh Food. He failed in 6th class, but his success story has caught everyone’s attention. Everyone is curious to know more about PC Musthafa’s entrepreneurship journey. The company deals in providing fresh food to different places. PC Musthafa’s story will inspire you. He started working at an early age and learned from his life’s experiences. Let us explore PC Musthafa’s net worth, age, wiki-bio, wife, and success story below.

PC Musthafa

Who Is PC Musthafa? Biography, Age, And Early Life of iD Fresh Food Founder

PC Musthafa was born into a humble family. He is the founder of iD Fresh Food. He is around 49 years old now and was born around 1974. PC Musthafa did not have enough belief in educating himself when education came into his life. He continued studying and built a 100 crore company starting from the age of 10. iD Fresh Food has been running since 2005. His financial condition was likely a middle-class person. PC failed in 6th class because of other responsibilities in his life. He runs a million-dollar company today. His 360-degree shift in life looks inspiring but was challenging at the same time. PC lives in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Name: PC Musthafa
Profession: Entrepreneur
Known as: Founder of iD Fresh Food
Age: 49 years approx
Birthplace: Wayanad Region in Kerala
Education: Computer Science Engineering
Alma Mater: National Institute of Technology
Nationality: Indian

PC Musthafa Net Worth

PC Musthafa has a net worth of $20 Million. He has different sources of earnings. PC was passionate about earning money and changing his life-struggling situation. After failing in 6th standard, he decided to work. He was a mere 10 years old then.

Wife, Marriage And Family

PC Musthafa married Sajna. According to sources, she is a homemaker. PC often expresses his gratitude for having his wife by his side in his life. He has often appreciated her presence and her role in his success. PC also said in an interview that his wife loves eating pranthas. Now let’s discuss his career and success story.

PC Musthafa Success Story

PC Musthafa started his career at the age of 10 years. His teacher encouraged him to study more. He was working for Rs. 10 per day. PC’s only desire was to have three meals in a day. It was difficult to survive with Rs. 300 per month. He started iD in 2005. The company has a valuation of Rs. 730 crores. He thanked his teacher who helped him by paying his fees. PC started earning a high income after being educated.

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