Pi Network News Today Huobi Listing Genuine or Scam! Price Prediction Know Everything

Pi Network News is going in the headlines because of the recent listing update by Huobi Exchange. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of people who mining this cryptocurrency in their devices for the last few years. Even people have lakhs of Pi Tokens on their smartphones as well. This time people went crazy when Huobi Global announced the listing of this cryptocurrency token on their exchange. After a few hours, Pi Network came on Twitter and told the people that they had not initiated any step toward the listing. The official tweet shared that it is just a rumor about the Pi Network exchange listing. Here is the complete Pi Network news about this latest event and what we all need to do now. Stay here and get knowledge of everything that can help you to be safe from any scam.

Pi Network Latest News

Pi Network News Today Huobi Listing Genuine or Scam!

The latest Pi Network news made people crazy because it was all about the listing of this cryptocurrency token. After reading the news, millions of people went on social media to find the news was genuine or not. Currently, there are over 33 Million users mining Pi Network cryptocurrency in their devices and waiting for the listing of it. It was likely a good moment when cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global went on social media and announced the news of Pi Network Listing.

Unfortunately, the Pi Network listing news on Huobi Global was a scam and it did not link to the official Pi Network. The founders of this cryptocurrency token informed people about this fake listing and they said that Pi is not planning any listing right now. You can check the tweet which is available here. So far, the exchange Huobi Global has not shared anything about the Pi Network news and why the company announced this fake listing news over the Internet.

Pi Token Price Prediction, Market Cap, How to Trade?

Currently, the Pi Network is under process and it is not even available on Mainnet. So, because of this, this cryptocurrency token needs to get it’s available on mainnet first and then plan for the listing. Till now we cannot trade Pi Network until it gets listed on any cryptocurrency exchange.

While talking about its market cap, we want to inform you that Pi Network has nil market cap because it is not available on any platform right now. So far, it is available under the mining process only and yet to come on the mainnet as well. Hopefully, the official founders of this cryptocurrency will plan something great for its active 33 Million users.

If you want to trade Pi Network and sell on any exchange. So, the availability of its trading is yet to come. Currently, you can only hold Pi Tokens in your wallet and wait for the listing of this cryptocurrency on any exchange. There is a little bit of chance that the founders of this project will launch it on exchanges and make it big. If you have any kind of doubt related to Pi Network then you can contact us through the comment section. Stay tuned to read the latest business news easily.

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