Who Is Radhika Choudhary? Net Worth, Biography, Success Story of Freyr Energy Co-Founder

Radhika Choudhary is another name behind the success of Freyr Energy. She is a leading woman entrepreneur in India. Currently, she is known as the co-founder of Freyr Energy. Here is Radhika Choudhary net worth, biography, and success story. We will share details about her contribution to the massive success of Freyr Energy. She has worked nationally and internationally in the energy sector. This article will share a glimpse of her life. She handles many major parts of the company’s growth. The company got funding of around 58 Crores recently.

Radhika Choudhary Freyr Energy

Radhika Choudhary Biography, Education of Freyr Energy Co-Founder

Radhika has gained her experience in the field of energy for a long time. She was interested in doing something of her own after she left her last job. She met Saurabh who had the same vision. They collaborated on the idea of creating a solar energy company. Let us look at the work experience and educational background of Radhika.

Radhika completed her primary education at Vidyaranya High School. She enrolled in the Seed Transformation program at Stanford while living in India. After that, She did her higher secondary education at Villa Marie Junior College. She got admitted to Osmania University and completed her graduation. After that, she did her post-graduation in Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering. She wanted to know about business management. She studied at Stanford University Graduate School of Business after starting her company.

Radhika Choudhary Net Worth, Wealth

She is a leading woman entrepreneur in India. The company Freyr Energy raised huge funding and became popular on the Internet recently. Talking about the wealth of co-founder Radhika. So, Radhika Choudhary net worth is $15 million (approx). She is an inspiring personality and entrepreneur for all the women who want to start something great in the startup world.

Radhika Choudhary Success Story & Awards

She got her first job at Wind Energy in GE Energy. It was a type of short internship. After that, she got the position of Application Engineering with SKF USA. After 2 years, she joined Lanco Wind Power for 1 year. She gained a lot of knowledge and experience about Wind energy. Radhika Choudhary did a shift in her field after 1 year. She remained in the same company but shifted to the Solar department. After that, she spent 4 years at MEMC Electronic Materials and 4 years at SunEdison. She saw an opportunity in the market of solar energy. She saw that many villages were not getting electricity. They have currently provided electricity to 100 + villages. The company is responsible for providing affordable solar energy to all types of consumers from households to commercial. She has a net worth of around $5 million to $10 million approx However, this has not been confirmed yet. This is just an estimation. She has put all her knowledge from Stanford into her business. The company has recently raised series B of funding. Stay tuned for more information.

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