#reducecryptotax Hashtag Viral On Twitter Indians Appeals Government to reduce Tax

Cryptocurrency is the biggest topic in the news headlines because of the recent tax announcement on Crypto. On February 1, 2022, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has presented the Union Budget 2022-23. Reduce Crypto Tax #reducecryptotax Campaign Viral On Twitter. During the budget, it was mentioned that Cryptocurrency revenue will be under the 30% Tax category. Along with it, the government has announced 28% GST on it. But now there is a hashtag trending on Twitter as #reducecryptotax. Let’s discuss the complete news here.

Reduce Crypto Tax hashtag viral on Twitter Know Latest News

Currently, there are many people who are continuously retweeting this tweet with this hashtag. After the announcement of this tax and GST over the revenue from Cryptocurrency. The crypto market bleeds and it was noticeable that there is huge panic after the announcement. The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) is standing at $36,600. This encourages more fear in the market.

Now there are many people retweeting this hashtag as an appeal to the Indian Government to reduce the tax rate. There is no such confirmation that it will be highlighted in the eyes of the Government of India or Not? Here are some tweets available on this Crypto tax reduction campaign by the Indian cryptocurrency investors.

There are many details that will come and we will add more details here. If there are any official statements and another related update comes. Then you will get it here soon. Stay tuned for further information.

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