Rincell Corporation EV Battery Startup Raises $1.2 Million Seed Funding

Rincell Corporation raised $1.2 million from NextGen Battery Chem Ventures’ led seed funding. The company aims to start the commercial production of 18650 and 21700 silicon graphite batteries in the current year. NextGen Battery Chem Ventures can be a great help for the company to initiate faster production. Jignesh Parikh and Dr. Jagjit Nanda are the founders of Rincell. Inventus Power is one the largest manufacturers of battery packs. The company has also started delivering samples to them. We will share details about Rincell Corporation’s recent funding and other details below.

Rincell Corporation

Rincell Corporations Raises Funding Of $1.2 Million From NextGen Battery Chem Ventures:

Rincell Corporation raises funding of $1.2 million from NextGen Battery Chem Ventures’ led seed funding. The company is looking forward to increasing the production. Rincell Corporation will produce 18650 and 21700 silicon graphite batteries for selling commercially. The company started in 2023. Jignesh Parikh and Dr. Jagjit Nanda are the founders of Rincell Corporation. Jignesh is also the CEO, and Dr. Jagjit is the chief scientific officer. The company has acquired a good deal with Inventus Power. Apart from that, they have other customers as well whom they supply 18650 and 21700 silicon Graphite batteries.

The company will be looking forward to its growth. The founders have their experience with other big companies as well. The company’s client, Inventus Power’s CTO, Chris Turner, states it is a great opportunity for them to work together. Jignesh Parikh worked in several big companies before starting Rincell. He was in high-level positions in companies like American Lithium Energy, Hitachi, Intel, and Western Digital. Dr. Jajgjit Nanda has a science background. He has worked as a distinguished scientist and executive Director at SLAC. Apart from that, he is also a former scientist of Oak Bridge. Both have a well-qualified background.

The company has other plans for the fast growth. They will be moving towards their fast growth and expansion. The initial starting pillars and needs of the company are fulfilled. Along with Rincell, Kidbea also raised funding. Sandiip Bhammer managed the funding round. The other company, Kidbea, raised $1 million. It is a clothing brand for kids. The company already expanded its presence in the realm of the online world. Both are working to strengthen their existence in the existing market. Rincell has commenced the production recently. The expertise of its owners is making it grow faster. We hope you have enough details about the Rincell Corporation funding above.

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