Sam Houser Net Worth, Biography of Rockstar Games Co-Founder & Success Story

Sam Houser is the president and co-founder of Rockstar Games. He has played a big role in creating GTA and its upper versions. Everyone is getting curious to know Sam Houser net worth, wealth, and biography. GTA V is the second most sold-out game in the world after Minecraft. It got so popular that the company released GTA VI after ten years of GTA V release. We will share details about Sam Houser’s net worth, success journey, and bio in this article. He was recently featured in the 100 Most Influential People of 2009 by Time Magazine.

Sam Houser Net Worth, Biography of Rockstar Games Co-Founder & Success Story

Sam Houser Biography, Early Life

Sam Houser was born and brought up in London. His mother was a crime series actress. He started getting interested in action games and fight sequels. All his favorite games used to be action games like Elite and Mr. Do. Sam does not think that he will create something on a bigger scale. He just started learning about video game production. Sam was born in 1971. He is currently more than 50 years old but still learning to create something new. His learning attitude has taken him to heights. Let us explore the journey of an action and crime lover to reach GTA success.

Sam Houser Wiki:

Name: Sam Houser
Age: 52 years approx
Birth Year: 1971
Profession: Video game producer and voice actor
Hometown: London
Birthplace: London
Nationality: British
Mother: Geraldine Moffat
Father: Walter Houser
Sibling: Dan Houser
known for: GTA creation

What Is Sam Houser Net Worth Now?

Sam Houser has a net worth of $150 million. He founded Rockstar Games with his brother and three others. They developed several games along with GTA. It all contributes to their major source of income. They are now launching GTA VI by 2024 beginning. The trailer of the game will also launch by December 2023.

Career and Success Story

Sam Houser started his journey after getting inspired by his mother. His mother used to do a lot of crime films. Sam joined Bertelsmann Music Group. He and his father spent some time with the executive producer of the company. He liked the spark in the eyes of Sam for the video games. Sam Houser started working with them as a video producer. He learned the basics of creating a video game. Sam changed his position in the company to get deeper in video game knowledge. He started Rockstar Games along with his brother and three other co-founders. The company had major success after the release of GTA. Many of the YouTubers livestream GTA V on their channels. It increased the craze of the game even more. Sam always focused on promoting the company’s name rather than his own.

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