Who Is Sanjay Jalona? Net Worth, Salary, Biography, Wipro CEO Know His Success Story

Sanjay Jalona is in the headlines for handling a senior position in Wipro as CEO. The news has made headlines, and the company’s stock has fallen. The stocks were on a fall till Tuesday morning. However, the afternoon and afterward have seen a rise. The shares had a big jump in mere 20 minutes. It rose from Rs. 459 to Rs. 471 in the morning, continuing in the same phase. Let us explore more about Sanjay Jalona’s Wiki Bio, net worth, and success story.

Sanjay Jalona

Sanjay Jalona Net Worth, Salary, Biography, New Wipro CEO Know His Success Story

Sanjay Jalona resides in New York City. He is the operating partner at Chrys Capital. Sanjay is in rumors of his comeback at Wipro. He completes his studies at the Birla Institute of Technology And Science, Pilani. His first job was at Wipro as a Reginal Manager. Sanjay’s current comeback will be interesting to see his impact on the shares. Rumors are going around about his comeback in Wipro after almost two decades. The company’s share touched a 52-week high and started falling after the news. He is seen as the one responsible for the same.

Name: Sanjay Jalona
Age: 54 years old
Birth year: March 1969
Gender: Male
Alma Mater: Birla Institute Of Technology And Science, Pilani
Education: Graduation
Profession: Operating Partner at Chrys Capital
Nationality: Indian

Sanjay Jalona has a net worth of approx $50 Crores. He earns around Rs. 30 Crores from his work. Sanjay’s work also adds a bonus to his salary for the achievements he made for the company. Let us move to the success story of Sanjay Jalona below.

Sanjay Jalona started his career at Wipro after completing his graduation. He worked there for seven years as Regional Manager of the company for Singapore. Later, he shifted to Gemplus as the director of the company. In 2000, he joined Infosys, where he spent 15 years in the technical sphere. After gathering such experience, Sanjay was running Larsen & Turbo Infotech Limited as a CEO, and he left in June 2022. He is currently the chairman of ResultsCX, a Board Member of Xoriant and GeBBS Health Care Solutions, and an Operating Partner at Chrys Capital. We hope you get enough details about Sanjay Jalona’s Wiki bio, CEO news, and success story in the article.

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