Sanjay Shah Vistex Net Worth, Biography, Death Reason, Wife, Success Story

Sanjay Shah Vistex Asia founder & CEO is no more. He passed away in the Ariel stunt mishap on the 25th anniversary of his company. Sanjay Shah was a well-known Indian entrepreneur by profession with an inspirational success story. He was famous for becoming one of the rich people starting with zero. He earned his MBA degree from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. Know here Sanjay Shah net worth, wiki, age, death reason, and success story. You will know all about him in his biography which is available below.

Sanjay Shah Vistex

Sanjay Shah was the Vistex Asia founder & CEO. He died on 19th January 2024. He was 56 years old when he met with an accident. Sanjay Shah died in an accident at the company’s 25th-anniversary celebrations in Hyderabad. Sanjay Shah was born in Mumbai, India. But in the year 1989, he went to Lehigh University in Pennsylvania to complete his MBA degree. He built huge wealth even starting with zero. He has worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers and General Motors. Later, Sanjay Shah went to Germany to work for the software giant SAP. After the massive success of the company, Sanjay built Vistex which is now popular among the big tech companies. Vistex is a health nonprofit foundation.

Vistex Asia founder Sanjay Shah had a net worth of around $250 million (Approx). He built huge wealth with his hard work and creative mindset. There is no doubt that he was a great techie and made amazing software solutions for different companies. Sanjay has been living with his family in the United States of America for the past few years and he has American nationality as well.

Vistex is known for being mind-blowing for business. Currently, the company has multiple clients and they have some popular brands as well. Discussing the company valuation, it is around billions right now. He was the chief architect in Vistex Asia and did marvelous work over the years. This tragic death of Sanjay Shah made everyone sad and there are so many people sharing condolences on his demise. Now it is a question that who will lead Vistex after the major loss for the company. Sanjay Shah will always be an inspirational personality who wants to achieve success from zero.

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  1. I pray for the family wellness and the vistex associates who worked with Mr. Shah and Mr. Raju.
    Being a corporate leadership wellness specialist , I have never encountwred such a shocking death that too from mere 20ft height set up.

  2. Very painfull news. Sanjay sir is a great 👍 businessman.he has great future. Unfortunately passed away.
    Om shanti

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