Sarveshwar Foods Q3 Results 2024 Net Profit, Earnings, Sales, YoY Growth

Sarveshwar Foods released its quarter results today 13 February 2024. Everyone is curious to know more about the numbers. We will share details about Sarveshwar Foods Q3 results 2024 net profit, revenue from operations, EPS, and more. The company deals in basmati and non-basmati rice processing and manufacturing in the international markets. People also know the brand for its quality food. The company expects to be profitable. The previous quarter almost had double profits.

Sarveshwar Foods Q3 Results 2024Sarveshwar Foods Q3 Results 2024 Revenue from Operations, Net Profit, Sales, EBIDTA

Sarveshwar Foods Q3 results 2024 results will be released on 13 February 2024, Tuesday. All the investors and shareholders expect a positive result for the quarter. Basmati Rice has a big market in India.

In Q3 2023, the company made a revenue of ₹187.35 Crore with a net profit of ₹1.72 Crore. It increased in the upcoming quarters either slightly for 2x. The overall performance of the company is showing upward growth. The net profit margin for the company was 0.92%. The Q3 2023 had a growth in the revenue for 25.41% YoY basis. Apart from that, the company rose 588% in the net profits.

In Q2 2024, the company made a net profit of ₹4.83 Crore while the revenue was ₹207.06 Crore. Both revenue and net profits grew overall, with net profit margins of 2.33%. Sarveswar Foods had a 228.57% rise in net profits and a 15.26% rise in revenue. The company made almost double the profits than the previous quarter. If we compare it with its previous year, it also made a growth YoY.

In Q1 2024 the company had net profit margins of 1.53% for the quarter. The net profits for Q1 were Rs. 2.90 Crore, and revenue was Rs. 189.24 Crore. The company’s net profit had a rise of 3.94%. However, there was a fall in revenue of 5.24%.

The company’s result released today doesn’t seem to be affecting the market till now. The company’s share price is Rs. 9.25 per share currently. At the opening of the Tuesday trade, the company’s share had a steep fall. While it recovered growing gradually up. The company has a market cap of Rs. 910.30 Crore. Its 52-week high is 15.69 rupees, with a 52-week low of 4 rupees.

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