Who Is Satyendra Siwal? Pakistani ISI Agent Arrested Know His Nationality, Family

Satyendra Siwal is a Pakistani ISI agent arrested by the Uttar Pradesh ATS (Anti Terrorism Squad). As per the claim by UP Police, Satyendra Siwal has been working in the Indian Embassy in Russia’s capital Moscow since 2021. But he got arrested yesterday by the police and in this reference has shared some evidence on Twitter also. Here we will discuss Pakistan ISI agent Satyendra Siwal age, nationality, family, and education.

Satyendra Siwal

Satyendra Siwal was paying for ISI and currently living in Shahmahiuddinpur in Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur where he got arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS). He was working for the Indian Embassy in Russia and was employed by the Ministry of External Affairs. Till now there has been no comment from the ministry over this incident. Satyendra has been living in India for the past few months. Uttar Pradesh revealed that they got the tip-off about the ISI Satyendra and immediately arrested him from the location. He is a highly qualified Pakistani agent who was successfully employed by the Ministry of External Affairs and got a posting in the Indian embassy of Russia.

The ATS said in a press note that Siwal is accused of obtaining day-to-day details about the Indian Army’s functioning and passing on such information to Pakistani intelligence.

Currently, Satyendra Siwal is under police interrogation for further inquiry to attain more and more information. He is looking like a 30-year-old man, however, the Satyendra Siwal age is yet to be confirmed. He has been working for Pakistan ISI for a long time and shared several details in the past years, which now seems like a big threat to India’s security concerns. Now government officials may take further steps to interrogate him and know the sensitive details he has shared with Pakistan ISI. Satyendra’s family details are yet to be revealed by the police and then it will be added here immediately. Stay tuned to know all the latest business news on our website.

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