Saudi Arabia First Alcohol Store, Know UAE Alcohol Consumption Rules

Saudi Arabia will be opening its first alcohol store for non-muslim diplomats. It will be a contribution of Saudi Arabia to promoting tourism in the country. There has been a curiosity among people to know more about this new alcohol store. It will open in the capital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The news has been going viral over the Internet since Wednesday. It will be the first alcohol store in the country in the last 70 years. Alcohol is prohibited there. We will share some important points Saudi Arabia first alcohol store.

Saudi Arabia First Alcohol Store Know UAE Alcohol Consumption Rules

Saudi Arabia is looking forward to opening its first alcohol store in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh. Now everyone is excited to read about Saudi Arabia first alcohol store after 70 years and rules the government. It will serve the non-muslim diplomats only. Anyone below 21 years of age won’t be allowed to visit the shop. Those entering will have to get a clearance code from the foreign ministry. The customers also have to register from their mobile app. Apart from that, they will also have to obey the monthly quotas.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is preferring more tourism in the country. The new plan of Vision 2030 has a lot of innovations coming forward for the further growth of the country. They are building a post-oil economy. Many sources claim that the demand for solar resources tends to increase, which might affect the export of fossil-fuel-based resources. The prince wants to improve the economy’s potential and strength.

There are strict laws in the country against the drinking of alcohol. Apart from the tourism industry, the country seems to have relaxation in other laws as well. The country will now promote non-religious tourism and concerts. It will lead to the building of other sources of income than the fuels.

The changes will also create a lot of employment opportunities for the Saudi people. There will be more and more jobs under the vision 2030. The alcohol store will open in the following weeks. We will share more details after the opening of the store. All the initiatives will be taken under the Vision 2030 post-oil economy goal.

The individuals of 21 years or above will be allowed. They have to follow all the rules and regulations for the consumption and purchase. The store will open soon in Riyadh. There are some regulations by the Center of International Communication countering the illicit trade of alcohol goods and products. We hope you get enough details about Saudi Arabia’s first store opening in Riyadh.

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