Shanti Cooper-Tronnes Net Worth, Biography, Husband, and Obituary

Shanti Cooper-Tronnes’ husband murders her due to being unable to provide the money for her bills and groceries. The news went viral all over the country. Everyone is curious to know more about the reason for David’s action. We will share details about Shanti Cooper-Tronnes’s death and her net worth below. Shanti Cooper-Tronnes was living a healthy and wealthy life. She had a son from her first husband and married David Cooper later.

Shanti Cooper-Tronnes

Shanti Cooper-Tronnes Net Worth, Age, Biography, and Obituary

Shanti Cooper-Tronnes had a net worth of approximately $4 million. She earned mainly from her work in a financial software business and also wants to put her office upstairs. Shanti Cooper-Tronnes was a mother of one child. She gets divorced from her first husband and later, marries her second husband David after dating for some time. David proposes to her mentioning that he has around $4-$6 million in inheritance and they should marry. They don’t need to work.

Finding the proposal good, the couple married after a few months of dating. They were living happily with her son from her previous marriage. By profession, Shanti was running a financial software business. She was full of enthusiasm in her work. Later, she finds a need to live in a little modern house than her current house. The couple decides to renovate the house, and the process starts well.

However, after some days of the renovation, she was lying dead in her bathroom. Her husband, David immediately went to the police for a report. He says that her wife was lying dead in the bathroom with her face downward. She was not breathing. He did CPR, but she did not come back to life. David was on 16 hours of investigation with the police. However, later things change and his real face gets in front of everyone.

David was not at all sad about her wife’s death because he finds it difficult to pay for her bills and groceries. The reason behind this was his lye of getting money in inheritance. On the ongoing renovation, they spent $2,50,000. However, Shanti refuses to pay further.

He killed her on 24 April 2018 harshly, and her face had black eyes, lips, and cheeks with cuts. Her skull had a crack as well. The police arrest David on 29 August 2018. It was four months after her death. He gets charges of first-degree murder and later gets lifetime imprisonment. David has no chance for parole. He is going through his punishment at the time. David also took her engagement ring worth $15,000. We hope you get enough details about Shanti Cooper-Tronnes above.

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