Sonic DEX Price on Internet Computer (ICP) Read Meaning Purpose Founder And Airdrop Details

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast then this article is special for you. We are extremely excited to tell you that the first DEX (Decentralized Exchange) on Internet Computer (ICP) goes live. It is known as Sonic DEX. Yes, on the basis of information Sonic is the first decentralized exchange on the IC. It going to be the biggest project and bring numerous things for the users in the cryptocurrency world. It is welcomed by Dfinity Foundation’s Internet Computer blockchain. Let’s begin all the details briefly and get all the information that you should know about this ICP. Also, visit more profitable cryptocurrency price prediction

Sonic Dex Price And Mainnet Launch Airdrop Details

What is Sonix Dex?

Talking about the major purpose of this token. Then we want to tell you that Sonic is the Internet Computer DeFi hub for all of your swapping, liquidity pooling, and trading needs. Built on the Internet Computer to leverage unlimited scalability and supersonic transaction finality. Now Sonic announced the first airdrop which going to be the biggest one in the upcoming days. Right now there are many people who are excited about this cryptocurrency project. We are also waiting to see the launch of this Sonic because it going to be the first DEX on Internet Computer (ICP).

Sonic DEX Price

Discuss the Sonic Dex price. Unfortunately, the price details are not available right now. It is currently under Mainnet ICP. Definitely, the price will go high at the time of launch. The price will be available soon when the token will be launched through this mainnet launch. For sure we will see the price at the top of the world and all the participants will earn good returns through this launch. As you read the meaning and purpose of this project then you can expect the growth of Sonic.

Now comes the Sonic Price Prediction. So in this regard, we want to tell you that Sonic is going to achieve marvelous growth. Even the participants will get huge returns. If you are a participant or planning to participate. Then you can participate in this project. Currently, there are many big brands that are promoting this ICP. For further related information, you can bookmark Where you will read every update related to this mainnet launch of Sonic.

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