Who Is Tarun Khulbe? Biography, Jindal Stainless CEO Career, Success Story

Jindal Stainless appoints Tarun Khulbe as the CEO of the company. There has been a curiosity among people to know more about his life, carer, and Wiki bio. Tarun Khulbe is known for his expertise in his field. He has been working with the company for the past seven years. It led to him becoming the CEO of the company by Jan 2024. Tarun Khulbe’s contributions impacted the company’s growth positively. Khulbe is willing to contribute his expertise of 35 years in the company as a CEO.

Tarun Khulbe Jindal Stainless CEO
Source: Jindal Stainless

Tarun Khulbe is the new CEO of Jindal Stainless. He belongs to the Greater Delhi Area. Khulbe enrolls in Jamnala Bajaj Institute of Management Studies in Bombay for his MBA. Previously, he studied at MITS Gwalior with a Bachelor Of Engineering Honours. Tarun’s full name is Tarun Kumar Khule. He is passionate about the industry and always puts his 100% into the work. Khulbe played a different role in the company before becoming a CEO. Since childhood, he was willing to do something big.

Tarun Khulbe has 35 years of experience in his field. He started working earlier after completing his graduation. Being an MBA graduate, Tarun gets a good placement. Traun’s experience at the company gave him immense knowledge and experience in the field. He is also a director of Jindal Stainless. Tarun starts his CEO journey in Jan 2024. He will be taking care of all his responsibilities as a CEO from now onwards. Tarun’s dedication to the company allowed him to represent it as a CEO.

Tarun Khulbe will express his pride and happiness in starting his new role. He mentions that he gets empowerment from the other members of the company. Everyone congratulates him on his social media for starting his new role. Before that, Khulbe was working at Cold Rolling Mils in Hisar, Haryana for the company. He got the job as a General Manager there in 2004. He shifts as the head of stainless steel operations in 2012. We hope you get enough details about Jindal Steel’s new CEO above.

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