Tata Consumer Products Q3 Results 2024: Net Profit, Sales Report, Revenue, And YoY Growth

Tata Consumer Products Q3 results 2024 result may be announced by February 2024 beginning. The company was profitable for the previous quarter and expects similar results. Tata Consumer Products increased its revenue last quarter, leading to an increase in its share price after the results. An important highlight of the revenue increase was its increased sales. With the new products and increasing demand for its coffee products, Tata Consumer Products changed the game for the quarter. Let us look at Tata Consumer Products Q3 results 2024 updates below.

Tata Consumer Products Q3 Results 2024

Tata Consumer Products Q3 results 2024 might be disclosed by the beginning of the first week of February. The company has won the hearts of investors in its various segments. They launched new products in September 2023. It led to an increase in their overall revenue. The company excels by 17% YoY growth in the coffee segment. Their new products include Tetley Premium Black Leaf Tea, Tata Coffee Quick Filter Decoctin Coffee, and a few others.

Tata Consumer Products made a net profit of Rs. 359.18 Crore in Q2 2024. The company’s overall revenue has a rise of 11% YoY, leading to Rs. 3,734 Crore revenue. Apart from the coffee segment, the company has an appreciable growth in the oils and salts also. Tata Consumer Products will be utilizing Rs. 3,500 Crore for the acquisition of stakes in Capital Food Private Limited and Organic India Private Limited. They have recently approved a fundraising worth Rs. 6,500 Crores. The stock also seems to have risen after the news. It can also have an impact on its performance. The share of Tata Consumer Products is showing a positive result by giving 19.64% of the monthly growth. In the past six months, the company has made 34.33% of the rise in its share price. The market is at its highest in the last year.

Tata Consumer Products Q3 2024 expects to have a positive return and an increase in its profits. The company’s sales seem to have increased in the quarter’s last month. Apart from that, the shares have also followed an uptrend in the market since December. The company’s revenue is expected to grow more this year. Being a trusted company, it successfully maintains stability over its performance. We will update you about the Q3 2024 results of Tata Consumer Products shortly. Keep reading with Businesspatrika for more updates.

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