Tej and Hamoon Updates: Cyclone to Hit the Indian Ocean

Twin Cyclones, Tej and Hamoon are a matter of discussion where both the cyclones are ready to hit Yemen, Bangladesh, and India’s few coastal parts. The cyclone is said to be moving at the speed of 18km / h. There will be some places that can get highly affected which are calculated and will be evacuated. History saw these twin cyclones earlier also by the name of Luban and Titli. Both Tej and Hamoon are said to have originated from the Indian Ocean. This article will share details about the Twin Cyclones, Tej, and Hamoon’s current situation. Stay tuned for more information. Hamoon intensity is becoming more and more strong and it is moving towards the northwest. cyclone indian ocean news

What Is The Current Situation Of Tej And Hamoon?

Tej and Hamoon are twin cyclones that originated from the Indian Ocean. Tej cyclone is moving towards Yemen and is said to be weakened. It will be weakened even more within the next 6 hours. While on the other hand, Hamoon is still continuing in the Bay of Bengal. It will rise even more in the next 6 hours. The cyclone will hit the land between Khepupara and Chittagong. The expected date of the cyclone is said to be 25th October. There are many chances of destruction in some parts of Odhissa. as well. The place with high-risk, low coastal areas, and beach areas on alert. People will be evacuated from those places as soon as possible. The Tej Cyclone is moving northwest while its intensity is weakening.

The weather experts are still looking for any chances of storm weakening. The places that can be affected are said to be near Paradip in Odhisa, nearby Digha in West Bengal, and Khepupara in Bangladesh. The weather will be extreme in the upcoming hours.

There will be high rain along with high-speed wind. People are leaving the places to find a safe shelter nearby. The twin cyclones are rarely seen. They often originate from the same locations while ending up moving differently. Yemen is comparatively in a better position as Tej is said to be slowing down. Hamoon will be hitting the cost by morning. We will update you with more details as soon as we get to know you. The police and municipal are said to be at their work. The channels are reporting live on their channels. Stay tuned for more updates on our website.

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