This Saudi Arabia’s Cultural Metaverse Will Make You Go Through Its History And Culture For Real

Saudi Arabia creates a metaverse of the country where people can roam freely and know the history and culture of the place. Everyone is excited to experience this virtual Saudi Arabia. People have a lot of curiosity to experience this world. We will share details about Saudi Arabia’s new metaverse world. Everyone is curious to know more about this new world where you can roam with other people on any street in Saudi. We will share details about this new Saudi Arabia’s new cultural metaverse celebration below.

Saudi Arabia's Cultural Metaverse Launch

Saudi Arabia Launch the Cultural Metaverse

Saudi Arabia’s Cultural Metaverse Launch makes people experience the virtual but real-like streets of Saudi Arabia through their digital creation. The government launches this new metaverse technology to make people go through the history of Saudi Arabia for real. It shows the early times of 1727 when things were not the same as it is today in the country. People are excited to know more about this new launch and have an experience in early Saudi Arabian times.

There is a picture from the metaverse going viral that shows a board of the year 1727 with a beautiful broad street in Saudi. The government wants people to remember their culture and traditional roots. It is a good step by the government to promote their country’s culture and tradition over the world. The metaverse is live from 22 February 2024, Thursday. It is going to be one of the best experiences for all the people around.

If we talk about the technicalities, it is built on top of Oracle’s Hyperledger Fabric 2.5 blockchain. The droppGroup is the developer of the metaverse. The best thing is that anyone can experience this metaverse for free. Yes, you heard it right! There are no charges for experiencing it. The Saudi Arabian government is allowing it free of cost. The user can experience it from their smartphones, virtual headsets, and websites as well.

While using the Saudi Arabia metaverse, they can roam on any part of the streets. While they are roaming the streets, they will have some cultural and heritage-related things on their side. If they move towards that building or monument, they will get details about that particular cultural thing through an audio voice. The only thing is that you must know Arabic, as this audio will not be available in English. However, even if you don’t know the language, you can see the culture. It will promote more tourism in the country. We hope you get enough details about Saudi Arabia’s Cultural Metaverse above.

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