Who Is Tjaart Kruger? Tiger Brands CEO Net Worth

Tjaart Kruger is the new CEO of Tiger Brands. It is one of the top companies in South Africa which is facing growth issues due to several economic reasons. The board members of the company decided to get a new CEO for the company to create some new and innovative ideas to deal with the current situation. The stocks have seen a 12% up after this announcement. This article will share details about Tiger Brands’ new CEO and the changes in the company’s working. So if you want to know more about it, continue reading with us.

Tjaart Kruger

Tjaart Kruger Tiger Brands CEO Net Worth

Tjaart Kruger who is also the new CEO of Tiger Brands has worked previously in the growth of other companies. His net worth is around $20 million. He contributed to taking Rival Premier Foods to the top through his strategic planning and far-sighted vision by being in the position of the company’s CEO. He will be joining with a 26-month contract with the 100-year-old company.

Tiger Brands is said to be going up as the news of the new CEO is declared by the company. The major issue faced by the company is the increasing inflation. It has led to an increase in the cost and less production which is also seen because of regular power cuts. The current CEO, Noel Doyle is said to be removed from his position. He will be working till 31st March and the next will be handled by Kruger.

Noel Doyle the Former CEO Of Tiger Brands:

Noel Doyle is said to be working in the position of CEO since 2020. Before this, he also handled the role of CFO and COO. He gave more than 7 years to the company’s growth. He took the company to a good position, but due to some reasons, he was not able to bring enough productivity.

More Details About Tiger Brands:

Tiger Brands has been dealing in packaged food and beverages for the last 100 years. The company deals in a variety of household needs. The eatables like bread, wheat, rice, and household products are provided by them. People are eager to see the impact of the new CEO on the company’s growth. He will be analyzing the company and its working before his joining date to work more efficiently. Tiger Brands also involved themselves in environmental issues and charity works. They try to make this world more better place through their work. Stay tuned for more information.

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