Top Credit Cards Without Cibil Score Know Benefits, Reward Points

If you are looking for a Credit Card with a low or poor Cibil score. Then this article is especially available for you. Here is the Top 10 Credit Cards Without Cibil Score. Let’s find the solution to your query which can help you to apply for the right credit card as per your need. It will include the benefits, reward points, fuel surcharge wave-off and many more things. Definitely, it will give you brief details about these top free credit cards for non-salaried or salaried persons. There are several cards available that you can apply at zero or fresh Cibil score.

Top Credit Cards Without Cibil Score Income Proof

Slice Credit Card Review And Benefits

Slice is a new and modern credit card company that provides a good limit credit card. If you are self-employed then you are eligible for this card. But if you are an employee but have below 10,000 Salary then also you can apply for this card. This Slice gives you outstanding benefits and helps to make your good Cibil score as well. You can choose this amazing credit card for your initial days.

Talking about the credit limit, then you will get minimum Rs 5000 Limit. However, the credit limit is up to 10 lakh. But your credit limit will increase only after using and maintaining a good credit score on your card. Now talk about the several important details, then stay with us and get the brief about the marvelous Credit Card for beginners.

Eligibility Criteria: Applicant should be above or equivalent to 18 years and below 60 years. Along with it, you need to have PAN Number. The applicant should be an Indian Citizen.

Fee & Charges: There is no fee and it is absolutely free credit card for beginners that you can apply for. So click here to apply for your first credit card in your life.

Uni Cards-The Pay 1/3rd Card

Uni Cards is known for its ultimate and unique benefit which is 1/3rd payment system. If you are looking for a Credit Card to split your bills into several installments. Then you can apply for Uni Cards. It is a marvelous credit card for beginners who have Zero or Nil Cibil Score. Definitely, you can successfully get your first credit card with this unique feature. The 1/3rd feature is all about that you can split your bills into 3 installments. This unique card can help you to pay a little amount and the remaining will pay in installments.

Eligibility Criteria: The applicant should be an Indian Citizen. If you are above 18 years and below 60 years. Then you are absolutely eligible to get this credit card.

Fee & Charges: Currently, as per the information there are no such charges available. The applicant can apply for this credit card for free. There is no fee and charge to apply for Uni Credit Card.

Above is the list of top credit cards without cibil Score. The remaining cards with unlimited benefits will be updated here soon. You can bookmark the website for further important updates. There is a huge possibility that we will update the detail. If you have any queries then you can reach us via the comment section. We will definitely share a brief details with you on basis of your query.

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