Utkrishta Kumar Net Worth, Biography, Education, Why He Left Meesho?

Meesho is a trending name in the e-commerce platform industry. Everyone is curious to know about the reason behind Utkrishta Kumar resignation from Meesho. Here we have discussed Utkrishta Kumar net worth, biography, and career. He is attaining good attention on the internet after the announcement of his resignation from Meesho. Utkrishta worked in Meesho since October 2018. Now it is over 5 years of his work in the company.  In Meesho, he was responsible for the growth management of the company. His main focus is to do something creative in fintech.

Utkrishta Kumar Net Worth, Biography, Education, Career

Who Is Utkrishta Kumar? Biography, Age of Meesho CXO

Utkrishta Kumar is the founder of Mojocircle and worked in Meesho as CXO. He will be resigning in December 2023 or January 2024. The reason behind his resignation from the company is said to be his new vision on which he wants to work. His new venture name is Mojocircle. He is focused on building something in fintech. His roles and responsibilities will be handled by other members of the company. The Growth management will be by Nilesh Gupta and CXO will be Megha Agarwal.

Utkrishta Kumar Net Worth, Wealth

Utkrishta is a passionate corporate personality and former CXO of Meesho. He is the founder of Mojocircle. If you are also curious to know his wealth and net worth, it is available here. Utkrishta Kumar net worth is $5 million (approx). Now he started his own venture named Mojocircle.

Utkrishta Kumar Success Story and Venture ‘Mojocircles’

He started his journey with an internship. Utkrishta did this internship at Flinders University and worked there for 4 months. He has some nanotechnology work at the place. He has to experiment with Nanotubes. After that, he started working at TransMarket Group. He worked there for 10 months. After that, he worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He joined the company for 2.5 years. He started his business after that.

Utkrishta Kumar’s startup name is Mojocircles. The startup focused on joining the handicrafts and artisans. He joined Hopscotch for more experience. He worked there for almost 6 years. After that, he shifted to Paytm Mall. He worked as Associate Vice President for 3 months. Utkrishta Kumar started working with Meesho as CXO. He stayed with the company for 5 years. We will see his next business soon. He is an Angel Investor also.

Utkrishta Education, Career

He completed his education at IIT Kharagpur. He completed his schooling first at a private school. After that, he completed his master’s and bachelor’s degrees from there. The environment of IIT also gave him so much exposure. He approached his career with an open mind. He grabbed the right opportunity at the right time.

Utkrishta worked as CXO in Meesho. He joined the company 5 years ago. He was responsible for handling the growth of the company. Meesho founder has also said that he believes that Utkrishta will achieve something from his new ideas. He wished him all the best for his new project. He also appreciated his presence in the company.

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