Vrundavan Plantation and Kk Shah Hospitals Listed on Exchanges

Vrudavan Plantation and KK Shah Hospitals recently released their IPOs. We will share details about the company’s performance in the IPO in this article. Both companies have established themselves in the stock market well. Vrundavan Plantation’s IPO price was one rupee higher than the listing price. KK hospitals provided a 24% premium to the buyers. KK hospitals are working effectively with full infrastructure for patients’ medications. Vrudavan Plantation is also a successful nursery business. It aims at increasing the plantation in the societies.

Vrundavan Plantation and Kk Shah Hospitals Listed on Exchanges

Vrundavan Plantation IPO And Listing

Vrundavan Plantations deals in nursery, horticulture, and other plantation-related activities. The company is working at its full pace to increase the plantations and provide a better irrigation system. It released the IPO on 30 October 2023 till 1 November 2023. They had a good subscription for the shares. The company will be traded at Rs. 107. The IPO price per share was Rs. 108. The company did a good growth overall basis. The company’s today price has fallen to Rs. 101.65. It is an all-time low since the last few days of its registration. It had an all-time high at Rs. 107. It was at the beginning of the IPO. There were 1.28 Lakhs shares. The promoter’s total share was 62.65%. The details about the market cap of the company have not been mentioned yet. It’s a new company in the market and will take time to build the figures. We will update you as soon as we get details.

Kk Shah Hospitals IPO and Listings

KK Shah Hospitals IPO share price was Rs. 56. It is now being issued at Rs. 45. The total money raised through the investments was Rs. 8.78 crores. The promoter share was 49.58 percent. There are a lot of services provided by the hospital. Its IPO was opened on 27 October and closed on 31 October 2023. It had a good number of subscriptions for the shares. The current price of the share is Rs. 58.9. It has increased from its initial value of Rs. 45 by almost 30%. The promoters of the company are Amit Shah and Kirti Kumar Shah. The company is seeing growth. People are gaining confidence in the company’s share. It is listed on both BSE and NSE.

This was all about Vrundavan Plantation and KK Shah Hospital IPO discussion. We will update you with the next week’s IPO performance soon. Stay tuned for more information.

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