What Is a Digital Visa? Explained! US to Launch it Soon

The US has announced the new digital visa. Many people are confused to differentiate between an e-visa and a digital visa. We will discuss the difference between India’s e-visa and the US’ digital visa below. The launch of digital visas will make it easier for the visitors and the staff to process things. It will be a hassle-free system where applicants can keep their passports. They did a first trial in Ireland that was successful.

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Digital Visa Explained! US Will Replace Paper Visa Soon

The US has announced the launch of digital visas to make the visa journey paperless and hassle-free. It will not be like an e-visa of India. It will have a different process. The digital visa will follow the same process. It will have an interview as well. The fresh applicants need to go through all the formalities. The only difference between their old visa and digital visa will be the use of paper. The new digital visa will not print on paper. Rather it will be available digitally. Many people confuse it with the e-visa. However, it is different.

The digital visas can start after 18 months. The news has become viral. The new things always take time. There was a small paperless visa program implemented that became successful. They replaced the old visas with the digital ones in Ireland. It worked successfully. The world has made a lot of transactions digital. It has been possible only with the help of the internet and digitalization. It will save a lot of paper as well. Julie M. Staff, deputy Assistant Secretary for Visa Services in the Bureau of Consular Affairs mentions that their demo in Ireland has worked successfully. The visa will show in the applicant’s app which will be available soon. It will not be a sticker visa in the passport. However, everything else will remain the same. Julie explains that the interview process and visa fee will be the same.

In conclusion, the United States has mentioned that they will soon start paperless visas. It will make immigration easy for all the visitors. The pilot program has become successful after the Ireland trial. It will not require the sticker visa on the passport. We will share further details about the update shortly. It was for the United States. If we talk about the Schengen visa, it might launch a complete online visa application. There will be QR Codes in place of the sticker visas. It might come in working by 2026.

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