What is Bhashini AI? PM Modi Translated Hindi Speech into Tamil in Uttar Pradesh

Prime Minister Of India Narendra Modi talked to the Tamil audience using Bhashini AI real-time language translator. The speech was delivered at Kashi Tamil Sangamam in Uttar Pradesh. The news has been viral all over the internet. PM Modi always has a futuristic approach. The app lets you translate in real-time in several Indian languages. The government has created the app. PM often launches digitalization and futuristic schemes for the country’s growth. Digital India was also a big step to make India more friendly to digital payments.

All About Bhashini AI

PM Modi Uses Bhashini AI App to Translate The Hindi Speech Into Tamil

The government of India has developed the Bhashini Ai app using data from thousands of people and their native language. PM Modi brought a new revolution with the Bhashini Ai app to connect with citizens speaking different languages. Modi spoke to people in Kashi Tamil Sangamam in UP on Sunday. He requested the Tamil audience to plug in their earphones and started speaking in Hindi. The UP audience was listening to the speech in Hindi. At the same time, it was being translated into Tamil.

He mentions that the reason behind the creation of the app was to fill the gap in providing accurate language translation tools in Indian Languages. PM addresses that tools like Chat GPT and Google’s Bard are fluent in English. They provide better translations for Roman languages such as Spanish and French. According to him the non-Western languages and their identity is left behind in the race. PM Modi says Kashi Tamil Sangamam is organized to connect Tamil people with Varanasi. Both have a relation in Hindu history. The government is following the motto of Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat. Let us have a look at the Bhashini Ai app below.

What Is Special About Bhashini? Explained!

The Bhashini Ai app was developed by the Indian government using thousands of people’s native language data. The app aims to provide fluent real-time translations of the different Indian languages. It’s a big problem that needs to bring the Indian and non-Western languages in front. South India has different languages in different states. It often leads to an issue in real-time conversation. PM wants to connect with people more easily. The app is available in the Beta version on the Play Store. It can convert voice to text, and text to voice, and translate different Indian Languages. You can communicate with those who don’t speak your language.

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