Who Is Geetika Sabharwal? Wiki, Age, Biography, Ex-Wife of Dr Vivek Bindra

Geetika Sabharwal recently filed a case of domestic violence against her ex-husband, Dr. Vivek Bindra. He is a famous Indian YouTuber, in the headlines for a while. It looks like Dr. Bindra also had a tough time in his career and life. He is in the headlines for his domestic violence cases and Bada Business controversy with YouTuber Sandeep Maheshwari. Geetika Sabharwal is the first wife of Dr Vivek Bindra. She separated from Bindra after feeling a threat to her life. Let us explore more about Geetika Sabharwal’s biography.

Geetika Sabharwal Vivek Bindra

Geetika Sabharwal Wiki, Age, Dr Vivek Bindra Ex-Wife Biography

Geetika Sabharwal is the first wife of Dr. Vivek Bindra. She was in a long marriage with Dr Vivek Bindra. However, she was said to be going through regular domestic violence. She mentioned during her divorce that she had a threat on her life from Mr. Bindra. The divorce case has been going on for a long time. She also has a son with her ex-husband. Let us have a look at the Wiki bio of Geetika Sabharwal below.

Geetika Sabharwal Wiki:

Name: Geetika Sabharwal
Age: not known yet
Gender: Female
Residence: NCR
Nationality: Indian
Spouse: Ex-Husband Dr. Vivek Bindra
Known For: In controversy with Dr. Vivek Bindra

Geetika Sabarwal Marriage With Dr Vivek Bindra

Geetika Sabharwal married Dr. Vivek Bindra a few years ago. She filed a domestic violence case against him recently claiming that she has gone through it. Apart from that, Yanika’s brother also filed a case against him. Geetika shares that he was aggressive and used to get angry about little things. She gathered her guts and stood up for herself after hearing about the case of Yanika. She also claimed the maintenance cost after her divorce. Let us look at the other controversies related to Dr. Vivek Bindra.

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Geetika Sabharwal Vivek Bindra Controversy

Geetika Sabharwal’s husband has a domestic violence case from his second wife, Yanika. She has injuries in her head due to her hair being pulled a lot. Yanika’s ears also get damaged. Apart from that, he is also having controversy with Sandeep Maheshwari. He is an Indian YouTuber. The controversy is going on regarding his Bada Business company. He is accused of being involved in scam business activities. Many people have posted videos on YouTube sharing their experiences and asking for their refunds. The hashtag #stopvivekbindra is also going viral all over the internet. We hope you get enough details about Geetika Sabharwal’s life and Wiki bio.

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