Who is Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh? Why Attacked Israel, Everything Here!

Israel War with Palestine is getting huge attention around the world. It is the second war after the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Hamas Attacked Israel with 5,000 rockets which is the biggest attack ever. Till now more than 1200 people have been killed during this war. Read Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh biography here. We have covered his history and early life. The world is curious to know the name of the Hamas Leader. Let’s read everything here.

Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh

Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh Biography, Why He Attacked Israel? Know History

Ismail Haniyeh is the leader of Hamas. He is a political leader. Now he is getting into the limelight because of Hamas’s attack on Israel. Ismail Haniyeh was born on 29 January 1962. He is a disputed prime minister of the Palestinian National Authority. He completed his education at the Islamic University of Gaza. Ismail Haniyeh is famous for his speeches and you can say that, he is the prime leader behind the Hamas’s deadliest Attack on Israel. He is an educated and experienced political personality. After his speeches, the situation is getting worse every passing day.

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On October 7, 2023, Hamas attacked Israel with 5000 rockets. It was a major attack in history. After this attack, the world was divided into two groups. Israel is taking strict action to protect itself from the enemy countries. Now Israel is facing threats from neighbouring countries Lebanon, and Syria as well. Hamas also getting support from Lebanon in this war against Israel. This going to be a challenging situation for Israel to win this battle against its naughbour countries. Now the big nations looking for a way to normalize this dispute between them.

As per the details, Hamas attacked Israel because of the tension between them for the past years. Hamas is a militant group in Palestine and looking to occupy Israel. Currently, more than 1400 people have been killed during this war and the number of deaths is continuously increasing. Taliban also looking to support Hamas in this war against Israel. During the attack, Israel’s Mossad (Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations) failed to detect them. It was a major concern for the country and a big question on their military weapons.

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