Who is Niharika Singhania? Wiki, Raymond MD Gautam Kicked His Daughter, Wife Nawaz Modi Claims

Nawaz Modi and her daughter are in the headlines after Gautam Singhania announced their divorce. The divorce was initiated last week. Here we will read who is Gautam Singhania Daghetr Niharika wiki and why she is getting into the headlines. Recently, Nawaz has been making claims about the abuse she and her daughter have gone through. It has been a terrifying experience for Nawaz and her daughter. People are eager to know more about the incident and the well-being of Modi and her daughter. The Singhania family have two daughters. One is Nisa Singhania and the other one is Niharika Singhania. Let us have more details about the incident.

Niharika Singhania

Niharika Singhania Wiki, Raymond MD Gautam Singhania Kicked His Daughter Says His Wife Nawaz Modi

Nawaz Modi is the ex-wife of Gautam Singhania. She is 53 years old and divorced Gautum a week ago. The reason behind the divorce is said to be the difficult relationship between them and Gautum’s abusive behavior. She mentions that Gautum assaulted her and Niharika. Niharika is currently a minor. She is 17 years old. Modi mentioned that whole incident in front of the media. Gautam Singhania is also being asked the same questions. He has denied speaking anything for his two daughters. Gautum mentions that he does not want to say anything because it’s a family matter. He demanded privacy.

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Nawaz Modi explains that the incident occurred after his birthday on 9 September. There was a discussion going on related to the usage of the bathroom. The discussion soon turned into a physical assault. Gautum started kicking and punching her along with her daughter Niharika. They both were injured badly. Nawaz mentioned that the beating continued for 15 minutes. He left the house after the incident. She was bleeding badly and called the cops. Gautum stopped the cops from entering the mansion.

Name: Niharika Singhania
Gender: Female
Known as: Gautam Singhania Daughter
Age: 17 years
School: Cathedral And John Connon School
Net Worth: Rs. 20 Crores
Interests: Music, fitness, travel, exploration, and writing
Parents: Nawaz Modi and Gautam Singhania

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Raymond MD Gautam Singhania Kicked His Daughter?

Gautam Singhania wife Nawaz Modi says her daughter Niharika called the Vishwaroop is Trishakar Bajaj’s son. Gautum and Vishu are cousins. She asked for help. Modi also called her friend Ananya. She tried to send cops to her house along with her husband. However, Gautam does not allow this to happen. Ambani’s family helped Modi a lot in the incident. They sent the cop inside.

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Modi took her children and reached her mother-in-law. She provided some help and asked her to stay there. However, Modi wants to go to her father. She left her two daughters at her father’s house and took route to Reliance Hospital. She was admitted to the ICU. Her condition was severe due to continuous punching and kicking. Her third sacrum bone was broken. She remained in hospital for 5 days.

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