Who is Radhika Gupta? Biography, Reacts to Narayana Murthy’s 70-Hour Work Week Statement

Indian employees work 8-9 hours a day in their office. They contribute to the growth of the country and its GDP. A debate is going on social media platforms about the number of hours an employee should work. The controversy started when Narayana Murthy, Founder of Infosys, mentioned that Indian Youth should work for 70 hours or 11-12 hours a day on their working days. She believes that this is the only way to make the Indian economy grow further. Radhika Gupta Edelweiss CEO has shown her views differently than that of Narayana Murthy.

Who is Radhika Gupta? Biography, Reacts to Narayana Murthy's 70-Hour Work Week Statement

Who is Radhika Gupta? Biography, MF’s MD and CEO of Edelweiss

Radhika Gupta is the MF’s MD and CEO of Edelweiss. She belongs to Mumbai, Maharashtra, and has expertise in Asset management. Radhika understands the importance of work-life balance. She completed her schooling at Marymount International School of Rome. Gupta pursued a BSE in Computer Science Engineering and a BSC In Economics by 2005. She also completed a Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology from the University of Pennsylvania. Radhika is currently working with Edelweiss Asset Management Limited. She has been working here for the last 6.9 years. Gupta also founded her own company by the name Forefront Capital Management which she ran for 4.10 Years. She got her first placement at Microsoft as a Program Manager Intern and continued in the field of Asset management thereafter.

Edelweiss CEO Radhika Gupta Take On Narayana Murthy’s 70-Hour Work Week Statement

Radhika has recently replied to the Narayana Murthy 70-hour workweek statement. She has said that there are a lot of women who work 70 hours or more in a week. They handle the household and office work daily. She represented the role played by women in Indian economic growth. Many people agreed with her and commented on her post on X. The women take care of their children and also go to job. There are several health issues as well for working more than 70 hours a week. Main cities like Mumbai have a lot of traffic which consumes a lot of time as well.

Dr. Deepak Krishnamurthy a cardiologist mentioned the ill effects of working more than 12 hours a day. He said that 12 hours or more working hours can cause high chances of heart attacks. This also leads to no exercise, physical movement, socialization, and self-care time. Many people are in favor of working long hours while others are not favoring it. Stay tuned for more news on our website.

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