Who is Rahul Pandey? Left 6.6 Crores Job to Start His Own Startup!

Rahul Pandey is Meta’s ex-employee. He worked with the company for almost five years. Rahul resigned from Meta and his Rs. 6.6 crore annual salary last year in January to start his own startup. He started his company by the name Taro the previous year. It helps in the career growth of software engineers. The company is said to be performing well in the market. Rahul shared about his levels of anxiety in his initial period with Meta. We have discussed all the details of Rahul Pandey leaving his 6.6 crores job at Meta below.

Who is Rahul Pandey? Left 6.6 Crores Meta Job to Start His Own Startup!

Who is Rahul Pandey?  Biography, Career, Experience

Rahul Pandey was born and brought up in India. He completed his studies in tech background. Rahul joined Facebook in 2017 and worked for five years in the company. He shared his struggles during the first six months at the company. Rahul was having difficulty understanding Facebook’s work culture. He mentioned that his colleagues were not supportive enough. All the colleagues looked at him as a non-deserving candidate. He was struggling internally to maintain his position. Around 2018, the Facebook stock value fell. Many of his colleagues left the company at that time. Rahul decided to stay in the company. He started improving his output and started putting in more effort. After some time, he cracked a helpful tool that fastened the speed of the engineers. Rahul was finally promoted and given equity worth 2.2 crores.

He made his way to reach more and more success. He started looking for better opportunities. Rahul had a realization about his capabilities. He left the company in 2017 to start Taro. It is a company that supports budding software engineers to grow in their careers. He received the best results and growth later on. People have started recognizing him. He left the company when he was among the top 1% salary earners in the country. Rahul followed his heart and created his own life.

The founder and CEO Rahul Pandey has an impressive net worth. We have some sources and figures to calculate his net worth. According to this, Rahul has a net worth of $5 million to $10 million Approx. His first source of earnings is from his startup. He also earns from public speaking invites by several colleges. We will share more details about his other earning sources. Rahul Pandey’s net worth inspires several people in their life. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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