Who was Shani Louk 23-Years Old German Girl in Gaza? What Happened To Her!

Israel and Hamas war is getting tense day by day. The Palestinians are imprisoned in Israel’s jail. On the other hand, the Israeli hostages are under Hamas control. The news of a girl Louk is going viral all over social media. The 23-year-old girl is kidnapped by Hamas and found dead. The investigation team found the remains of the girl. She was in Israel for a music event. Louk is said to be killed and tortured by them. Here, we have shared with you the exact incident that happened in Gaza.

Who was Shani Louk 23-Years Old German Girl? What Happened To Her in Gaza!

23-Years Old German Girl Shani Louk Brutally Killed in Gaza Know About Her

The 23-year-old girl was said to be kidnapped by Hamas while she was attending a music event in Gaza. Forensic Examiners carried out the research. According to them, the skull bone they found belonged to her. The DNA test of the bones showed that it was the temporal bone that connects the skull to the body. Louk joined the music festival on 7th October. Her mother listened to rocket fires and called her daughter. She responds by saying that she is trying to hide in safe places. Louk also said that the military had stopped everyone from reaching their vehicles and couldn’t run away. She was hiding when Hamas kidnapped her.

According to sources, she was tortured by them. Her mother talked to her last time when she was hiding. She wants to meet her daughter again. Unfortunately, she was not able to see or meet her again. The official announcement has made everyone shocked. She tried a lot but didn’t reach her car to escape.

Shani Louk’s Family About The Gaza Incident With Their Daughter

Louk’s mother has come out to speak about the incident. She says that she was on a call when her daughter was finding a place to hide. She was not able to escape the area. Her mother and family members are mourning the loss of their daughter. She was young and had a long life ahead. Everyone prays and wishes for her peace. Her mother still wants to look for the hope of her being alive. She is still positive and says that her daughter might come back alive. The investigation reports do not show any chance of her return.

The new deal can take place between both countries. The proposal is set on equality and promises all people to return policy. Under this deal, both Israel and Hamas will release 6630 Palestinian prisoners and around 239 Israeli hostages. Israel’s president is under pressure to save the lives of the Israeli hostages.

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