Why Nifty Can Hit All-time-high ₹22,000? Sensex Also seems Bullish

Nifty 50 has touched ₹21,927 mark. It has increased by 208.25 points today. There have been expectations that the Nifty will touch the 22,000 mark. Will Nifty hit above ₹22,000? The market is following an uptrend. It seems to have had good growth in the past five days. There is a high chance that the Nifty reach ₹22,000. People are making different speculations about the same. There has been curiosity among the people to know more about the upcoming predictions for the Nifty market.

Nifty Can Hit All-time-high ₹22,000 Sensex Also seems Bullish

Nifty on Roller-Coaster: Can Hit Above ₹22,000 Mark?

Nifty is currently above ₹21,800. It has counted its highest of ₹21,928.25 till now. However, it is yet slightly away from the point. The investors targeting the Bullish market mention it to reach ₹25,000. However, those looking for the bearish target say that the market is crashing to 20%. Nifty is quite close to touching the 22,000 mark. It has been on its uptrend today. The ones with the positive approach are favoring the Nifty’s growth. They believe that if you believe in the growth of the country, Nifty will keep growing in the long term.

While many experts are warning about a bearish market. According to them, the market will turn bearish in the second half of 2024. Amit Goel, Co-founder and Chief Global Strategist also mentions the same. Kotak Equities mentions the return to be moderate for the years. Many stocks will move to negatives for the year. The market expects to reverse in the other half of the year. It is a major concern for the big giants. The approach is two-sided. Many are favoring the bullish market. While others are speculating on the upcoming bear.

The market expects to grow at a CAGR of 16.3% in FY23-26E. The Nifty 50’s all-time low for the year was ₹16,828.35. It opens at ₹21,773.55. The market closed today at ₹21,894.55. It expects to reach the mark in a few days. However, one should not ignore the predictions for the second half year. Nifty 50 gave 21.93% growth in the year. It expects to have less growth for the upcoming year. However, things can change as well. The Indian Economy is booming at a fast speed. The recent Gujarat summit also mentions the vision to make India the third-largest economy by 2026. The scenarios are currently mixed. We will update you with more details about the Nifty 50 upcoming results soon. We hope you get enough details about Nifty 50 growth and predictions above.

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