Will ED Arrest Arvind Kejriwal? Alleged Allegation on Delhi Chief Minister!

Will ED Arrest Arvind Kejriwal? Delhi CM has chances of arrest for the ongoing allegation against him for his involvement in the liquor case. He was to appear before the Probe Agency and answer the questions of ED related to the liquor case. The AAP party leaders believe that BJP wants the AAP party to fall apart. They want to play a single game in the upcoming elections. Two high-position ministers are already in custody. Arvind Kejriwal will be the third leader to get arrested.

Will ED Arrest Arvind Kejriwal? Alleged Allegation on Delhi Chief Minister!

Will ED Arrest Arvind Kejriwal? Why is ED Questioning the Delhi Chief Minister?

Arvind Kejriwal will appear before the Probe agency to answer the questions related to the Liquor case. He is not arrested yet. The chances are high for Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest according to the AAP Party. Raghav Chadha has also stated that all the big leaders might be arrested before the Lok Sabha 2024 election. Will the BJP play a single-party game in the elections? The question is taking a serious turn. Manish Sisdoiya was arrested earlier in the case of money laundry. A total of Rs. 3.8 crores trail will be run. Arvind Kejriwal and the party have not said anything about the afterplans in case the arrest took place.

Many leaders of the AAP party believe that BJP is planning against the party. On the other hand, BJP has mentioned that AAP is on the path of self-destruction. According to the BJP, a scam on such a big level is not possible with Arvind Kejriwal’s permission. AAP is asking for the prooves. They said that the BJP is making allegations without proof. They are trying to put AAP’s image down. Many CBI reports have also shown the liquor company having a profit of 12%. West Bengal Chief Minister has also supported the points of the AAP party. Education minister Atishi has said that Arvind Kejriwal’s words against the BJP in a speech are the real reason for BJP’s actions.

Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest rumors are going on the Internet. The rumors are false. He is not under arrest currently. Arvind Kejriwal has to appear for ED’s questions on the liquor case. He has been under investigation for more than 9 hours earlier as well. ED conducted a raid on the labor minister Raaj Kumar on Thursday at 11 a.m. The raid was not limited to his apartment. The raid officers also looked into nine other apartments. After the raid is completed, Arvind Kejriwal will be called for the investigation. We will update you about the upcoming events shortly.

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