Zerodha Gold ETF Review, Expense Ratio, Charges, NFO Details

Zerodha Gold ETF is in the market to attract investors to this fresh and beneficial launch. The company announces its new gold ETF which is opened from 16 February 2024 and will close by 21 February 2024. Everyone is curious to know more about this new launch as gold has always been a thing of trust among people. Over a long period, Gold tends to increase. We will share details about the Zerodha Gold ETF new launch and its benefits below.

Zerodha Gold ETF

Zerodha Gold ETF Review, Expense Ratio, Charges, NFO

Zerodha Gold ETF opens for the public on 16 February 2024 and will close on 21 February 2024. It is an open-ended exchange-traded fund. The fund is designed for a particular category of investors. It will be tracking the domestic prices of gold. Investors looking for mid-term investing should prefer this ETF. Apart from Zerodha, many banks offer gold ETFs. Thus, one can choose the best as per the return they seek. Axis Gold ETF and SBI Gold ETF are two of them.

Zerodha GOLD ETF is getting a good response. It is good for those looking for mid-term investment options. Thus, Gold ETFs are good if chosen based on the returns and expense ratio measured. Zerodha Gold ETF is said to have a maximum total expense ratio of up to 1%. While, if we talk about the lowest expense ratio for an ETF, it is said to be provided by iShares Gold Micro ETF.

Another main question that comes into the investor’s mind is about the amount of charges. The good news is that the scheme has no entry or exit loads. Thus, you don’t have to pay any entry load to make the first investment in this ETF. The scheme is suitable for high-risk investors. With the high risks, the returns are also said to be high.

The minimum investment for starting with this ETF is Rs. 500 or in multiples of Re. 1. The most important benefit of this scheme is that it reduces all the additional expenses that one pays on the purchase of physical gold. The scheme is currently going on with the investment option till 21 February 2024. It will be an open-ended exchange-traded fund managed. The schemes will be beneficial for all investors seeking gold-like returns but want to be free from the expenses that physical gold includes additionally. One can invest any higher amount as there is no limit on the maximum investment amount. We hope you get enough details about the new Zerodha ETF above.

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