Zorko IPO Date, Review, Financials, DRHP Details

Zorko has been a prominent brand making its presence everywhere in India. It is said to be India’s fastest-growing affordable franchise chain. The company also made its appearance on Shark Tank Season 3 with its energetic pitch asking for Rs. 1.5 Crore for 1% equity. However, they missed the deal getting quite close to it. Shark Aman Gupta signed a deal but tore the cheque later. The company is looking for an SME IPO soon. Let us explore more about Zorko IPO below.

Zorko IPO

Zorko gave their business pitch on Shark Tank Season 3. However, they were not able to secure a deal from the sharks. Despite not getting the deal, Anand Nahar did not give up. He is an aspiring entrepreneur looking forward to more efforts from his side. He has also mentioned that he will be looking for an SME IPO. Anand says that he will work hard for the people who trust in him. There are not many details about Zorko’s SME IPO yet. We will update you as soon as we get to know.

Zorko’s founder asked for funding of Rs. 1.5 Crore for 1% equity. Anand Nahar started Zorko in Jun 2020 with his brother. Zorko’s founder completed his graduation in Bachelor of Technology from Uka Tarsadia University in 2016. He started as a Sales Executive at WooHoo Screens through an internship. Anand soon got into freelancing with Smiling India. Apart from that, he also worked with Zarodha as a Business Development Executive.

Zorko founder Anand Nahar made the announcement of his IPO for the first time on the podcast of Ayushman Pandita. He committed that the IPO would be coming in the next six months. He is trying to bring the IPO by four months. However, he guarantees the IPO in six months. Zorko founder explains the situation that took place behind the scenes on Shark Tank before Aman Gupta tears the cheque. He demands for 50 hours for 1% equity in the company. However, they were ready to agree on 20%.

Anand Nahar is already a SBI Registered Research Analyst. Thus, he claims that he can easily file DRHP for his company which he will do soon. He believes in the company’s growth in the upcoming years and is passionate about it. We will update you more about Zorko’s upcoming IPO shortly. Stay tuned for more information on our website. We hope you get enough details about the Zorko IPO above.

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