Abhishek Ghosalkar Biography, Age, Political Career, Family, Shot dead Live on Facebook

Uddhav Sena’s Abhishek Ghosalkar passed away after getting shot in the abdomen and shoulder. Abhishek was doing a Facebook live session during which Mauris Noronha shot him dead. The incident was captured on Facebook Live. The sudden death of Abhishek created a feeling of terror among the people around him. Debates are raising concerns about Maharashtra losing the fear of law and order over time. Abhishek Ghosalkar age, biography, political career and Why did Mauris Norona shoot him?

Abhishek Ghosalkar

Who Was Abhishek Ghosalkar? Biography, Age, Political Career

Abhishek Ghosalkar was the son of Indian Politician Vinod Ghosalkar. He has been a member of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly for five years. His father is prominently known for being the deputy leader of Shiv Sena. Abhishek was 40 years old at the time of his death. He was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Being the son of a politician, he has been in contact of high profile people since his early years. Abhishek has been close to his mother always. His mother Madhuri Ghosalkar is a homemaker. Abhishek has been into politics along with handling businesses as well.

Abhishek has worked as a director in Mumbai Bank also. He was always passionate about his dreams and goals. Apart from that, he was a social activist as well. Abhishek had a net worth of approx $ 5 million. He and his younger brother, Sourabh Vinod Ghosalker joined the politics after their studies. Saurabh was a corporator of the Shiv Sena Party. Amid all these discussions, many people are eager to know about the reason behind the gunshot.

Abhishek passed away after the gunshot in his abdomen and shoulder. He was said to be shot by another social activist and a BJP MLA Mauris Noronha. Abhishek was doing a Facebook live for his reunion with Mauris Noronha. However, the sudden shooting by Mauris shocked everyone. Even Abhishek was not able to believe it. The incident was recorded on Facebook Live. Everyone came to know about the same. The shooter was also captured shooting in the CCTV footage.

Not only did Mauris kill Abhishek, but he also committed suicide after shooting him. He shot himself after the incident. The reason behind the incident is yet to be investigated. They did not have a good relationship earlier. However, they were on Facebook Live to forget the bitterness and start a new relationship. Abhishek’s wife Tejasvee Sarekar is mourning the loss of her loved one along with the whole family.

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