Who Is Dave Kroupa? Net Worth, Wife, Girlfriend, Biography, Where He is Now?

Dave Kroupa is known for the murder of Cari Farver by his girlfriend, Liz Goylar. The murder incident was traumatic for him. She also threatened him during that time. Dave was feeling traumatic for many years suffering from major health issues. Everyone is eager to know the current situation and life of Dave Kroupa. Is he alright? We will share details about Dave Kroupa’s wiki-bio, age, career, and success story below.

Dave Kroupa

Dave Kroupa was born and brought up in Florida. He is 43 years old and was born on 23 January 1981. Dave has also been through a deadly incident where one of his dates killed the other one. The incident took place after he started looking for a casual relationship on a dating app. He got to know Liz Golyar with whom he had a lot of similarities. The matter goes wrong when he starts dating another woman along with Liz. Her name was Cari Farver. She was a computer programmer. They both started dating.

Now, Dave was dating Liz and Cari at the same time. One day Dave invited Cari to his house. While she was there with her, Liz came up to his house to take something with her. Dave cleared both that he would be dating them casually only earlier. However, Liz was still having strong emotions of jealousy for Cari. the Netflix series Lover, Stalker, Killer have been appreciated. We will share details about her as we get to know her.

Dave’s girlfriend, Liz Golyar is going through her sentence at the moment. Dave had hardships to move on. Liz not only threatens him. He also targeted his ex-girlfriend Amy for the same. Dave is with Maggie now. The couple is married and living together. His wife helped him overcome the trauma and hardships. Apart from that, he has good relations with Amy as well. She is his ex-girlfriend.

Dave is currently with his wife and living happily with her. While Cari passed away. Liz is completing her sentence with charges of first-degree murder. Cari’s family mourns the loss of their daughter. Professionally Dave is a businessman continuing in his company. The Netflix series received a lot of love from the people. We will share more updates about Lover, Stalker, and Killer shortly. People love the series a lot on Netflix. We hope you get enough details about Dave Kroupa above. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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